A Sister’s All You Need – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for A Sister’s All You Need.

What’s the show? A Sister’s All You Need (2017).

And what’s it ab- this is siscon again isn’t it? Easy now Mr. Judgmental. Just because it’s an anime and it has the word sister in the title doesn’t mean it’s about someone who wants to fuck their sister, geez!

Alright, fine, sorry, what’s it about? Itsuki Hashima is a 20 year old light novelist and he is obsessed with little sisters-

Stop! You said it wasn’t about that! No I didn’t! I said it wasn’t about a guy who wants to fuck his sister, he doesn’t even have a sister!*

Okay, well continue then- wait what’s with the asterix? Don’t mind, don’t mind.

From left to right: Itsuki, Nayuta, bowl of persimmons, Haruto and Miyako.

Fine, continue with the synopsis… So he’s obsessed with little sisters, his published novels are all about little sisters and romancing them, but it’s not really a show about that. It’s more about the relationships he has with his friends and colleagues, and his daily life as an author and the hardships of being a writer.

Okay, fine, so his ‘sister complex’ is just a facet of his personality and not a motivating plot point. I can deal with that. Well I mean it does embody the majority of his personality, but yes there’s a lot of other characters in this anime, and without them and the various interactions this show would be pretty one-note. But the supporting characters are so good, that any personality deficiencies and perversions the protagonist have almost become palatable.

It’s research for his novel!

So who are these other characters? Well there’s busty genius Nayuta, who is a novelist herself, though her works are far more critically acclaimed than Itsuki’s. She has been a fan of his work for years and is madly in love with him and is also a complete and utter pervert. Then there’s Miyako, who is a mutual friend of the two, who previously went to college with Itsuki until he dropped out to pursue his career proper. And then there’s Haruto, another novelist and self proclaimed “cool and handsome” one. Oh and of course there’s Chihiro, Itsuki’s doting and kindly younger stepbrother.*

He’s very popular with the ladies.

Again with the asterix?! What are you doing? Shhhh.

Ugh, I don’t like it when you keep secrets from me… so what’s it about, slice of life perhaps? Apparently it’s a ‘Romantic Comedy’ according to Wikipedia! I mean it’s not an unfair description, it has romantic elements and it is certainly funny at times. But try not to get your Western ideas of ‘Romantic Comedies’ mixed up when presuming what this show is like. Remember the protagonist is unabashed and unashamed about his sexual proclivities and the dialogue is among some of the most risqué and perverse you’ll find in a non-hentai/eroge series.

May Contain Traces of Nuts

I see… Literally the opening scene of the anime contains some of the most outlandish sister-oriented erotica I’ve seen, yes it’s not actually happening and is just in an unpublished manuscript that Itsuki is presenting to his long suffering editor Kenjiro, but it’s a pretty good litmus test for whether you’re ready for the kind of dialogue that’s contained within.

So it’s a romantic comedy for men? It’s demographic is male, but no it’s certainly not just for men, my irl waifu was ready to quit the show after watching that opening scene but quickly she was caught up with the characters and their complex relationships and by the end she was begging for a second season.

Totally normal behaviour, though to be fair she is astounding honest with her feelings.

High praise, well assuming she’s not a pervert like you. There are no perverts like me, only me.

Why does that quote sound familiar… anyway, I presume there’s a best girl to be had? Of course! Hmm, I mean they’re all great in their own way but if I had to pick it’d probably be Chihiro…

Look at those bright eyes!

Okay cool… wait, wait! Didn’t you say Chihiro was his younger brother? *He’s actually a girl.

Whoa! Did you just spoil something major? I don’t know, I don’t think so. I mean he/she/they appear in episode 1 and within seconds I was like, “that’s a girl, she’s a girl.” Not to presume gender of course, but this is Japan and it’s an anime so things like gender fluidity aren’t really discussed so I mean it was pretty obvious from the get go. At least I and the irl waifu thought so, if this is a big spoiler, then sorry?

Also research, but for her novel.

Hmm, okay, I guess I’ll let that slide… Oh and btw, I was just setting up that reveal; Chihiro’s not really my best girl. It’s definetly Kaiko, Kaiko best girl.

Wait, who? You never mentioned her either? There’s a lot of characters I’ve yet to mention, but I can’t say too much about her lest I fall into spoiler territory, let’s just say ‘panties’ and leave it at that.

Always have a spare on hand.

*sigh* Anyone else you’re going to spring on me? Like Setsuna? I absolutely love his character design/outfit, he’s an artist working for the same company as Itsuki and they have a great dynamic. And then there’s Ashley, Itsuki’s sadistic tax accountant who may look like a loli but is actually 32 years old!

It was hard to find an image of Setsuna’s outfit in full so I’ll have to settle for one of his less than dignified moments…

Right, let’s wrap this up otherwise I don’t think you’ll ever shut up. Final recommendation? I could keep going, I really could, I didn’t even touch upon so many of the great things about this show, like when the gang gather round to play board games or their love of alcohol. Yes! That’s another thing that’s so great about this show, the majority of them are adults and drinkers and writers, and I’m all these things! Finally characters I can relate to and not just because they’re perverts (which they are also but that’s beside the point!) I didn’t expect to like this show as much as I would but it is an instant classic, and even if hearing terms like siscon and lolicon put you off I’d still recommend this show, it’s just that good and is absolutely worth your time. Pour me another one, 93 out of 100.

How else are you supposed to eat hard boiled eggs? If you know of a better way I’d like to hear it!

Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

9 thoughts on “A Sister’s All You Need – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)”

  1. I really found myself liking ImoSae about halfway through, and it was one of my favorite shows that season. Shin Oonuma is just a great director of shows where the characters are losers, but lovable and you want to see them succeed. And yeah, ImoSae really takes the mature content up a notch, but being set in more the ‘adult’ world lets it work, even if most of the characters are trying to live a life that’s more like a carefree high school kid.

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  2. Show was really solid and not at all what it /looked/ like it was going to be. Only a few moments that made me kind of uncomfortable and wasn’t crazy about. Did a review on my place if you want full thoughts.

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