5 Worst Anime ED’s Winter 2018 – Listing Compulsive

My 5 Worst Anime ED’s of the 2018 Winter season.

Following on from the previous lists: 10 Best Anime OP’s, 10 Worst Anime OP’s and most recently 10 Best Anime ED’s, we have the final anime music related list of the Winter 2018 season, the 5 Worst ED’s! You’ll notice it’s 5 and not 10 because, like I said in the previous blog regarding the best ending songs, this season was particularly good when it came to ending songs, and while I could have technically listed 10, I didn’t feel right doing so as the other 5 that would have made up the back end of the list were perfectly fine songs. So without further delay here is the 5 Worst Anime ED’s of Winter 2018!

Number 5: “HYDRA” by MYTH&ROID from Overlord II

‘For a song and artist with such an abundant usage of CAPS they sure are boring. I’m all for relaxing ending songs, but this is just dull.’

Number 4: “Stoic ni Detox” by Mashinomi from Takunomi.

Like a lot of the ED songs of this season, this isn’t a bad song it just suffers from being stacked against heavy competition, if I’m being picky there’s a weird sound that carries through the song that rubs me the wrong way and I hate the vocal inflection the singer ends on.’

Number 3: “Kaze no Koe wo Kikinagara” by Sangatsu no Phantasia from Slow Start.

*sigh* Slow Start had one of the BEST opening songs (it was a song sung by the character voice actors which I’m a total sucker for) but then they go and have an ending song by this person! And it’s so mediocre! And to add insult to injury the final episode has a different ending song by the actual voice actors! I get they were saving it because they wanted it to be special, but that song would have been perfect as an ending song! /rant.’

Number 2: “Dear Teardrop” by Mia REGINA from Citrus.

Sometimes cheesy is good, it can be fun and light, but sometimes cheesy can just be cringe inducing, as is the case with this song. It feels like a one-hit wonder that no-one would sing at karaoke.’

Number 1: “Osheite yo” by Hyorotto Danshi from Gakuen Babysitters.

This songs so painfully sugary sweet that I think I need to visit a dentist. Maybe that fits the aesthetic of the show, but judging it as a song alone (and remember that’s what this list is supposed to be about) it’s just obnoxious and irritating to listen to.’

And that’s it for the 5 worst ED anime songs of Winter 2018! I hope you enjoyed reading these, feel free to discuss your picks for best and worst in the comments and look forward to a whole bunch more lists in the future!

Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

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