Spring 2018 Anime That I’m Watching

A list of all the Spring 2018 Anime I intend to watch and review for the site.

So, I thought I’d do a post about what anime I’m watching for the Spring 2018 season and a brief explanation as to why! Also a few of these have yet to be picked up by a streaming service, so this list could reduce if Crunchyroll or someone else doesn’t pick all of these shows up. Prepare yourself for a long list! And make sure to read—or just skip—to the end for a bit of site news regarding the blogging format for these shows.(Presented in order of release date)

Magical Girl Ore (March 25th 2018/April 2nd 2018 – official release)
Two episodes were made available early on Crunchyroll and I’ve already watched them and I kind of love this show and want to see where it goes!

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits (April 2nd 2018)
An odd choice perhaps, not usually what I’m into but I’m willing to give it a try!

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (April 2nd 2018)
“Based on the mobile game” – what could possibly go wrong! No but really this looks pretty cute.

Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Sen’you Pet (April 2nd 2018)
No comment.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis – Encounter (April 3rd 2018)
Figured I’d give something different a try from this season, it’s not really what I usually watch but I have to expand my horizons.

Space Battleship Tiramasu (April 3rd 2018)
Who can resist a show with a name like that?! Again, not really the kind of show I usually watch but no harm in trying!

Tokyo Ghoul:re (April 3rd 2018)
I enjoyed the first season enough to want to watch this 3rd(?) season. I never bothered with Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and apparently that was a wise decision.

Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto (April 4th 2018)
Unfortunately it’s only a 5min anime, but as if I can resist a synopsis like that!

Tachibanakan Triangle (April 4th 2018)
It’s a yuri! But again only 5 minutes—why! I was so keen for this when I saw the poster and character designs! Oh well, 5 minute shows can be good too I suppose…

Comic Girls (April 5th 2018)
Cute girls writing manga in a dormitory together? Sold!

Amanchu! Advance (April 7th 2018)
I only started watching the first season a couple of weeks ago but I adore the art-style and characters and chill vibes from this show, so I’m keen for the second season.

Mahou Shoujo Site (April 7th 2018)
Last season I didn’t really watch anything too psychological or horror themed, I kind of missed it. Plus magical girls.

My Hero Academia 3rd Season (April 7th 2018)
Even though I think they should have waited a bit longer between seasons (season 2 only ended September 30 last year) I’m still excited for more of my favourite superheroes! Also, I’ll be watching this in English like I did the previous two seasons and like I do with all shounen style anime.

The Caligula Effect (April 8th 2018)
Imagine my disappointment when I found out this wasn’t an incestuous harem anime about debauched Roman emperor Caligula! Still this looks interesting.

Cutie Honey Universe (April 8th 2018)
It’s got an interesting aesthetic and I’ve heard about the manga for so many years; hopefully the show is good too!

Person 5 the Animation (April 8th 2018)
The game was pretty good, but the best thing about it was the story and the characters—hopefully they don’t screw it up!

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online (April 8th 2018)
I’ve never watched a Sword Art Online series, never really liked the settings of them, but this one looks different enough to be interesting to me.

Food Wars! The Third Plate – Totsuki Ressha-hen (April 9th 2018)
The second half of Season 3 of Food Wars! Give it to me, I’m hungry for it!

Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days (April 9th 2018)
Monster girls, kind of? I don’t know…

High School DxD Hero (April 10th 2018)
Not sure how I feel about the new art style but I’m still keen for this, though I won’t be watching this particular show on Crunchyroll for reasons that should be obvious…

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari (April 12th 2018)
Sometimes you watch a show because the wife wants to watch a show.

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari (April 12th 2018)
Something about the art style and character designs is really comforting and familiar to me.

Steins;Gate 0 (April 12th 2018)
Probably more than any show this season I’m simultaneously excited and terrified about Steins;Gate 0. The original series may be one of the best anime ever made, so expectations are high but so much could go wrong. Fingers crossed!

Dorei-ku The Animation (April 13th 2018)
This sounds dark and psychological, I’m intrigued.

Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World (April 13th 2018)
Even if the plot seems a bit too similar to last years ‘Restaurant From Another World’ for my liking, I just can’t resist a food-based anime.

And there you have it, 25 shows I intend to not only watch the day of or the day after release but will also blog about them too! How I’ve decided to blog about them is by simply creating a new ‘category’ on my site called Spring 2018 Anime, which will basically be normal 20 Question Anime Review’s just not bound to the 20 Question limit. Some episode reviews might only be 5 or 6 questions long, some might be 10 or 15, I just think this will be the easiest way of being able to blog about as many shows as I intend to watch. Also, and this one’s kind of a questionable (no pun intended) decision, but I won’t be dropping any of these shows, no matter how much they might suck or trigger me—which, let’s face it is bound to happen. Why am I doing this to myself? Well I figured since I’m still unemployed I might as well make the most of this ‘free time’ and plus it’ll be a good experiment to see how feasible this is. Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks for reading and feel free to comment below with what show’s you’ll be watching and how many weeks you think I’ll last before I lose my mind!

Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

8 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Anime That I’m Watching”

  1. “Sometimes you watch a show because the wife wants to watch a show.”

    Not me! There’s me shows, we shows, and she shows… We’ve convinced each other to watch things now and again over the years. (And we’ve watched some awful things because we thought the other was enjoying watching in company.) But generally, when she’s watching her shows I wander off and play Kerbal Space Program, catch up on Slashdot, cook dinner or whatever. Presuming of course that I’m even home… She often stocks up her shows and watches when I’m off a club meeting, most weeks I’m out at least one night.

    As to so many shows…. Dude, don’t even court burnout. If you start getting the symptoms, start dropping shows or at least stop writing about them. BTDT, burnout isn’t fun. And this is all about fun, not numbers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s plenty of shows the wife watches that I don’t, I just thought it’d be fun to watch one of them!

      Also don’t worry, I’m not going to push myself too hard. As soon as it stops becoming fun I’ll stop writing reviews for that show, that’s why I stopped writing reviews for Darling in the FranXX after all.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Initially Butlers looked kind of interesting and the colour coding was a nice touch, albeit a fairly common thing in anime when not pointed out. Unfortunately, the more I looked at that synopsis, the more I realised it could end up being a mess with all those different story components trying to work together. Depending on if it gets to Crunchyroll, I may or may not give it a shot.

    As of this comment, we have 6 shows in common, with a potential 7th in Tiramisu (since it got picked up by Crunchyroll).

    Liked by 1 person

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