Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1.

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1.

Oh you reviewed the first season of this show a couple of weeks/months ago, didn’t you? So is this the second season? Nope, third!

Uh, then come how you didn’t review the second season? It’s not canon.

Lens flare!

How’s that? Well it’s a side story, or rather something that didn’t happen in the manga, I don’t know, it’s confusing. Suffice to say it was unpopular with a lot of critics and fans and so this third season is in line with where the manga went.

Okay, so this takes place after the events of season 1 then? Nope! Well I mean technically, but no this is like a while after the events of season one, there’s whole swathes of the story not adapted in anime form.

Back scratcher extreme edition?

Well that just sounds confusing and annoying… You’d think so but actually it all flows pretty straightforwardly, at least if this first episode is anything to go by.

Huh, well kudos to the writers I suppose? Indeed, like its obvious, a lot has happened since the end of season one, but as long as you’re aware of that fact it doesn’t feel like we’re missing all that much. Yes it’s a different kind of show than the first season was, but it’s still very watchable and the protagonist Ken (or is it Haise Sasaki now?), while having grown a bit in the interim is still the same likeable and conflicted character he was in the first season.

He’s kind of adorable? Wait I didn’t say that out loud did I?

Is he the only character that’s there from the first season? If you remember my previous review I had a hard time remembering a lot about that show to the point of it becoming a running gag of sorts, but I don’t think there are any other returning characters but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Plus the character designs are a little different too, yeah that excuse will do…

Mind if I “cut” in?

Sure sure, so what about the other new characters then? They’re all pretty great, all interesting and unique, I think—even though we only saw a little of her—my fav character so far is Akira Mado, who is like the handler of the main cast of Quinx’s who are like half human half ghouls (or humans implanted with ghoul ‘abilities’ who work for work for the Commission of Counter Ghoul (they’re like the police, except they hunt bad ghouls).

You tell ’em, gurl!

And I’m guessing this season has a big bad ghoul that they’re hunting? Yup, his name is Torso because he kills women and only steals their torso’s, except there’s another bigger and badder ghoul that crashes the scene towards the end of episode one. It’s all very interesting!

Now that’s just damn cool.

Okay cool, so what’s your verdict on this first episode of a third season that’s actually a second season that’s actually a— I’ll stop you there. It’s a great continuation and one that doesn’t (at least at the moment) seem to require having read the intervening manga’s to enjoy. It’s similar in tone to the first season but it feels a lot more focused because of the fact that most of the main characters including Ken (Haise) work for the CCG, It kind of reminded me of Psycho Pass, though not nearly as polished. Still, if you were a fan of the first season and have doubts about this I’d say it’s definitely worth a watch and I’m interested to see where the story they’re setting up goes.

Picturesque af.

Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

12 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review”

    1. Yeah, I mean I don’t think it was a brilliant idea to go on adapting Tokyo Ghoul:re without doing what came before chronologically in the manga but I think it’s still watchable despite a little confusion!

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  1. Hmm, I have been meaning to watch tokyo ghoul for a while now, but I keep putting it off because my brother loves it so much. He has watched the anime AND read the manga. See, he is a bit of anime snob and I always end up rambling about anime to him (I cant help it!) and get great condescending lectures so… I probably should just bite the bullet.

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