Site News April 11th 2018 – Untold Questions

Site News for April 11th 2018.

Site news in a question format? Well it’s more interesting to read than a wall of text.

Wow, way to insult 99% of your fellow anime bloggers and bloggers in general! I didn’t mean it like that! I was just meaning people are more likely to read a post as boring as site news for my site if it’s structured in my QandA format! Geez!

Well this post is already off to a great start. Yeah, no thanks to you!

So what was so important that you couldn’t just tweet about it? Not all the people who read my blog follow me on Twitter…

Just get on with it! Fine… so first bit of site news is in regard to Spring 2018 anime and how I intend to review them. Originally, the plan was to do a review post for every episode of the 25~ shows I’m watching, every week until the end. And while I think I’ve been managing to do it fine so far, the reality is I will run out of things to talk about, not every episode will have enough content for a full review and the last thing I want to do is make posts of a lower quality as that will annoy not only you but me as well. So basically, going forward the episodes of some shows will be bundled together, so with some shows you might not see a review of a new episode for a couple of weeks and then once there’s enough for me to talk about you might get a bundled, ‘*insert anime name here* Episode 2 – 4 Anime QandA Review’. But if a show has enough to talk about week-to-week then you’ll see a Review for every episode, it will just depend on the show and how much I have to talk about.

Makes sense. Glad you agree, me.

Any other news? Yes, some of you may have already noticed (or probably not) but there was no ’20 Question Weekly Review’ post this Monday, you know the ones where I run down everything I watched and read and bought in the previous calendar week. Well that’s because I’ve cancelled them, I never really enjoyed writing them as much as my other content which would have been fine except they took the most time out of any of my blogs, so in other words too much effort for too little personal reward. Sorry if you enjoyed them but I kind of dreaded them each week!

Anything else? I forgot to do a manga review last week! They also take a little more time than normal reviews, but they are definitely NOT cancelled, just on hiatus until I can sort my shit out.

And what’s this collaboration business? You been stepping out on me with another question asker?! Quiet you, we were never exclusive! Yes, every week until the show is done Irina and I will be reviewing Uma Musume: Pretty Derby together, alternating styles between each week between my question format and her more conversational blog style. Last week it was Question format on my blog, and this week is on her blog, make sure to check it out!

Hmm, this Irina person is nothing but trouble! She’s a bad influence I just know it! Oohh~ someone’s jealous!

I am not! Sure sure. Anyway that’s all for this site update thingo, hopefully it wasn’t too boring to read. Here, have a gif for your troubles!


Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

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