Butlers x Battlers Episode 2 & 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Butlers x Battlers Episode 2 & 3.

What’s the show? Butlers x Battlers, Episode 2 & 3.

Oh right, the time travelling handsome boy show? How are these next two episodes? Heavy on handsome boys, light on pretty much everything else.

Sounds, uh… well, sounds like literally the opposite of shows you normally watch. I’d be lying if I said Episode 2 didn’t try my patience what with nearly half the episode being devoted to nearly every male character in the show dressing up in snazzy white butler outfits and working at a cafe while adoring female patrons squealed in delight.

I’m sure this is many of my reader’s idea of a really good time.

Oh boy. But Episode 3 was much better, with the exception of a wholly useless—Hotaru stalking a teacher who turned out to secretly be his older sister—plot line, that I guessed within 30 seconds of the older sister character appearing on screen.

Somehow cuter than every girl in this anime.

So what about Episode 3 was better? A legitimately cool action scene between J and the blonde guy (I can’t remember his name and wikipedia isn’t helping). What’s great about the scene is it showcases the two character’s different ‘abilities’, J’s being the ability to either slow-time or move faster than regular time (it’s hard to say which it was specifically but I’m leaning toward the latter) and blonde guy’s power which seems to be short-distance teleportation. The fight scene was well-animated, each hit carried weight and it was just a really interesting and dynamic scene to watch. More of this please, less pointless “comedic” fluff.

Just don’t him in the balls.

Anything else? There’s a bit of character development, a minor bit of story progression but it still feels like not a lot happens in any given episode. Like having Ren being chased through the school by all the members of three different on campus sports teams just so we can establish he doesn’t like sweat or smelly sports boys and prefers flowers didn’t require 2 seperate scenes to get the point across. So much of the show feels like padding, and not particularly interesting padding at that.

Umm, I think he might be… really into flowers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

You seemed to not mind the show in episode one, but clearly things have changed. Are we giving up on Butlers x Battlers? Nah, I’ve sat through much worse. Besides, it was almost worth sitting through all the nonsense to get to that fight scene. So if there’s more and bigger and better versions of that in future episodes then I don’t mind spending 20 minutes a week watching handsome boys doing humdrum things.

It may look like they’re dancing but left guy just got smacked one.

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