10 Worst Anime OP’s of Spring 2018 – Listing Compulsive

10 Worst Anime OP’s of Spring 2018.

If you missed it, I previously counted down the 10 Best Anime OP’s of the Spring 2018 season, now that the good is over with we can focus on the bad, or rather the less good. As per all my lists regarding anime songs this is strictly focused on the quality of the song and has nothing to do with the visuals of the opening or how well it fits the show. Now let’s get on with counting down my 10 Worst Anime OP’s of Spring 2018!

Number 10: “ODD FUTURE” by UVERworld from My Hero Academia 3rd Season.

It’s not a bad song, per se and at the risk of breaking one of my own rules I can’t help but compare this to the much better My Hero Academia openings that are 100% more catchy. Namely all the other ones. It’s not all bad though, the opening minute of the song is kind of dull but the last 20 seconds or so actually sound good! Too little too late, unfortunately.

Number 9: “Crosswalk” by Minori Suzuki from Amanchu! Advance.

A perfect example of a song that fits the mood of the show perfectly but that separated from the show doesn’t make for a particularly interesting listening experience. Again, not a bad song just kind of boring.

Number 8: “Daiji na Koto” by Quruli from 3D Kanajo: Real Girl.

Musically the song’s pretty good, but seriously, could they have found a less interesting vocalist to sing this? I doubt it, this sounds like a first take recorded by someone who’s just woken up and is in a hurry to do something anything other than sing this song.

Number 7: “Teppen e Dash!” by pugcat’s from Inazuma Eleven: Ares No Tenbin.

Argh! Stop shouting please! Oh you’ve stopped shouting? Please return to shouting, you evidently can’t sing. Next!

Number 6: “Koete ike” by Kyuso Nekomaki from Major 2nd.

This song left like no impact on me whatsoever. It’s just white noise, but not in the relaxing way.

Number 5: “Arigato⇄Daijoubu” by Aine, Mio from BEST FRIENDS! from Aikatsu Friends.

Ordinarily this is the kind of song I love, but the first vocalist sounds like it’s her first time singing. Which wouldn’t be too much of a problem if the song was interesting or fun in any way instead it’s just like ‘generic cute anime song number 426’.

Number 4: “Zettai Saikou *Happy Kiss*” by Chikyuu Bouei-bu HK from Cute Earth High Defense Club: Happy Kiss!

It’s like the anime equivalent of gin, I get that people like it, but for me it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Number 3: “Eclipse” by Shouta Aoi from Devil’s Line.

I hate to use the phrase ‘try hard’ but sometimes things just come off as “oh look at me! I’m so dark and edgy and moody” while coming off as the exact opposite. I don’t know maybe there’s people who like this song and more power to you but to me it was just embarassing to listen to.

Number 2: “Soujo wa Ano Sora wa Wataru” by Riko Fukumoto from Hisone to Maso-tan.

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. This is just awkward and sounds bad.

Dishonourable Mention: “Haikei, Jigoku yori” by Jigoku no Sata All Stars from Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2nd Season Part 2.

This is a difficult one, because while I appreciate how adorable this song is, especially for fans of this show. It’s not a good song if you just strictly judge it ‘as a song’. It’s gimmicky and fun, which is why it doesn’t need to be judged along side the other songs hence the ‘dishonourable mention’.

Number 1: “Souten no Hate ni” by AK-69 from Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis.

I love The Lonely Island, they’re such a great parody rap group. Why do I bring this up? Well probably because this band, AK-69 (hur hur) sounds almost exactly like them, except without that one key ingredient, namely this isn’t the least bit funny! You know what it is? Just. Plain. Bad. Maybe just maybe this would have worked for some self aware comedy series, but we all know they’re just trying to be cool and failing miserably in the process. Someone needs to enact some gun control so we can ban the use of AK-69’s.

And that’s my 10 Worst Anime OP’s of the Spring 2018 season! Let me know what songs you didn’t like in the comments and stay tuned for the Best and Worst ED (Ending) songs coming soon!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

4 thoughts on “10 Worst Anime OP’s of Spring 2018 – Listing Compulsive”

  1. Probably the OP I like the least is the MHA one, but in fairness, that probably is because previous openings have been so good. This is kind of like when Ancient Magus’ Bride changed the OP mid-season. Second OP was okay but looked terrible after the first one.

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