My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 5.

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 5.

The villains cometh! What’s happening in this episode? Well, yeah pretty much the same as last week, just with less of an emphasis on a single big battle and more just focusing on the other heroes of UA High defeating the League of Villains’ Vanguard who’ve decided to “wreck up” their camp while spreading the word that they’re after Bakugo.


Uh-huh, and what else? Well that’s about it… I mean stuff happens in this episode, but there’s not a lot of closure, it’s very much an in-between episode, we’re mid-arc here people so don’t expect a bunch of emotional or dramatic or super cool moments!

Oh… so nothing special then? Well… it’s kinda like, if I were binge-watching this series I’d have no problems with this because it’s still pushing the story forward but because I’m having to wait a week for this it’s kind of like NEED MOAR EPISODE.

Eat dirt mf.

Sure, I can understand that. But what is here? You wouldn’t have bothered with a single episode review unless you had enough to talk about! True, and yes there are some interesting moments here, I do like we’re getting more character development with the Class B heroes, sure they’re kinda boring in comparison but we’ve got Iron dude and big hand girl defeating a particularly ruthless villain who resorts to using an actual hand-gun to try and kill his opponents, that’s of course in addition to his poisonous gas he emanates.

*insert dirty joke about handjobs*

“Iron dude and big hand girl” Please give them the benefit of at least Googling their names… Fine, it’s Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Itsuka Kendo, a.k.a. Real Steel and Battle Fist.

Hmm, your made up names weren’t that bad considering… I told you! Not that it matters, they’re Class B after all…

Tetsutestu Tetsutesu (a.k.a Real Steel) on the right there is totally rocking a Dad Bod!

Harsh. Hey, it’s not me! It’s just as much as I feel like the show pushes to show more of them it’s only doing so because these kind of Shonen anime have to have ridiculously large casts, not that it actually cares about these characters, but hopefully I’m proven wrong! This is my official petition to get a Class B student put in Class A and get one of the more useless Class A characters out.

I presume you have someone in mind to get rid of? Mineta of course! He’s literally the worst thing about this show, has been since Season 1 and continues to be to this day.

Eraserhead agrees, probably.

Probably best you don’t talk about him much more since he had all of one-line in this episode… Fair enough.

So what’s the final opinion on this episode? It’s good, even with moments of greatness, as I mentioned in the previous reviews I am enjoying how downright dark the villains are but this is also just a mere stop along the road to the inevitable final destination. There’s a lot more to come and the sooner we get there the better because these middle episodes aren’t exactly as satisfying when you’re watching them week-to-week as opposed to binging.

This guy is effing scary, I look forward to his inevitable defeat next episode! (Probably)

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