PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for PERSONA 5 the Animaton Episode 5.

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 5.

And how are things with the show this week? Are we good are we not so good? Hmm, kind of a bit of both really…

Oh, care to elaborate? Well, it’s another case of too many plot elements introduced and not enough time given to let the new elements breath. Like we get some more of the hot Doctor character, and the information that the protagonist is going to be doing clinical trials (mildly important element from the game) as well as the introduction to ‘Mementos’ which is the collective unconsciousness of society and a place to solve the ‘minor-league’ cases of “shitty adults” who are plaguing the city (in the game it’s basically side-quests where you grind your levels up).

Never mind, we need her in the show, she’s too cool.

Uh-huh… and it’s not introduced well? I mean it’s fine, it’s just I have to wonder how necessary either of these plot points are to telling a more streamlined version of this narrative. Obviously the anime wants to adapt pretty much everything and I appreciate that as a ~moderate~ fan of the game, but I think a just as good—if not better adaptation could have been made by cutting out one of these elements from the show. It would have made the pace more consistent at the very least.

Shibuya doggo statue behind them! Unrealistic though, it’s never that quiet around the statue.

At it again with the “pacing problems” huh? Well it is my single biggest gripe with this show so far. Like the first half of the episode has the scenes set at the ‘swanky’ buffet and this was a part of the game that already felt unnecessarily long, but here—when the second half of the episode is already rushing to introduce new elements—it feels even more pointlessly long. There’s a difference between character building and establishing a theme (i.e. that adults suck and make life difficult for those younger/weaker) and shortchanging important information in lieu of hammering home a message that’s already pretty obvious at this point.

When she sends a meme instead of a nude.

I thought you said this was both ‘good and not so good’? I’m only hearing ‘not so good’ so far. We get our first proper scene with Makoto! She’s my second favourite character, if I haven’t said so before. Also we get more hints towards the Madarame subplot, and as you well know the plot is what I’m about when it comes to this series, that and the characters of course.

2nd best girl!

Any other good points? Well there’s the introduction to the Phan-site, a fan blog run by one of Ren’s classmates who seems to know an awful lot about the Phantom Thieves, or as they’ve decided to call themselves ‘The Phantoms’, terrible name if I do say so, I preferred the name gave them in my play-through, the ‘Social Justice Waifus’, though that’s because I played with a mostly female line-up…

For what it’s worth there still continues to be a lot of cool shots in this show, even if they’re hardly brought attention to.

Right… I’m pretty confused now so let’s wrap this up. What are your final thoughts on the episode? I’m still mostly happy with this adaptation, if I’m picky or pedantic it’s only because I think I could have done better—not in reality mind you just in my head. I’m willing to overlook a lot of flaws though because they are more-or-less telling the story as it should be, just at an annoyingly inconsistent pace.

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