High School DxD Hero Episode 4 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 4.

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 4.

Oh no… What?

What do you mean, “what”? You know what! Oh, you mean how I talked way too long about the fan-service in Episode 3? Don’t worry, there’s like hardly any fan-service in this episode.

Really? Yup.

You must have been so disappointed. Listen mate, I know you might think I’m nothing but a no-good horny boy but the story and the characters are like the majority of the reason I’m still watching this show! They are genuinely great and this episode is no exception!

I like all the high school field trip stuff too, very nostalgic.

Oh yeah? Well go on then, what happens in the episode? Well it picks up more or less immediately after last week’s episode, the gang is confronted by Cao Cao from the Khaos Brigade and his assortment of demon/devil/angel killing allies on a long bridge in Kyoto. Cao Cao makes his intentions clear, he’s just a mere human—descendant of heroes of old—who wants to be as powerful as to be able to kill gods, and the Gremory household and their like is first on his checklist to the top! He possess powerful weaponry and powerful allies, and while he tests Issei’s abilities by sending out a couple of his henchman against him and his friends, this encounter on the bridge is more or less just a venue for him to declare his intentions and see what power level he and the others are at.

Don’t we all.

Right… But then the battle is interrupted as an envoy for Vali, accompanied by a giant ancient robot thing appears. Her name is Le Fay Pendragon and she’s a big fan of the Oppai Dragon! Also she’s incredibly cute and flies on a broomstick and I think I’m in love! Ahem—

Can we get a Sabrina: The Teenage Witch anime pls.

So, the harem expands… Something like that, anyway, she’s just here to introduce herself too and soon after Roseweiss awakens from her mid-afternoon drunken slumber and unleashes hell upon the Khaos brigade which is their cue to leave the episode, but not before telling Issei and the crew exactly where they’ll be next, laying the groundwork for an epic battle to come!

Drunk Roseweiss slurs her words, also is ridiculously powerful.

Uh-huh. I kinda preferred it when you were talking about the fan-service, at least then I could follow what the hell you’re saying. This only the half-way mark of the episode, there’s still plenty to cover and plenty to confuse you.

Fine, continue. I’ll try and wrap it up quickly, I’m not used to talking about a DxD episode with so much plot. So, the night comes for Issei and the others to mess up the Khaos Brigade’s plans. Issei, who’s with cute fox ayakashi Kunou gets seperated from the rest of the group and is ambushed in a subway station by Saji, a character we’ve never met in the anime but who had a previous battle with Issei in the books, of which we get a fleeting flashback to. So in other words a flashback to something that never actually happened on-screen until this ‘fake’ flashback!


Oh boy, this is giving me a headache… I’m not doing a good job at explaining this, or maybe I am. I don’t know! Yes it’s kinda confusing in the episode but it’s still a lot better than Season 3 was. For everything that happens in this episode, it’s still well paced—that is to say it’s not rushing it’s storyline. Yes, there’s a lot of information imparted but there’s also still a lot of episodes to come in this season.

I’ll take your word for it. So this Saji, guy, does he get taken out easily by Issei? Nope! Issei is pretty much trapped by Saji’s shadow magic when the episode just kind of ends… damn you cliffhanger?

Creepy dude.

You don’t sound as rapturously excited like you were with episode 3, I do recall you saying that it was the ‘best episode of any anime this season’ or something of a similar ludicrous hyperbole. This episode’s great, it’s just not as great as the previous one, in a few ways… That’s not to say I’m worried about the show at all, I know there needs to be these kind of ‘putting the pieces in place for the big battle’ episodes and I’m super appreciative that the show is actually taking the time to develop these scenes and flesh out the characters, it’s just watching week-to-week doesn’t give the immediate satisfying pay-off that you’d get when binging a show like this. I am still hyped for the rest of the season, don’t let anything I say dissuade you from that fact!

No bath time shenanigans this time!

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