My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 6 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 6.

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 6.

Are the villains still attacking the Hero summer camp? Yeah, so what of it?

It’s been like 5 episodes! How can they still be attacking? I sometimes forget you’ve got like zero knowledge about anime, this is a Shonen, mate. Just be thankful this isn’t a 50+ episode length season, if it was we’d have 3 episodes alone dedicated to Deku charging up his “Million Percent Delaware Detroit Smash”.

Alright, fair enough. So what happens in this episode? Well obviously we pick up where we left off last episode. That juicy cliffhanger of everyone’s favourite bird hero Fumikage being overwhelmed by his quirk ‘Dark Shadow’. Its immense and uncontrollable force is going berserk and threatening to kill Mezo and the just arrived Deku.

Me after eating too many tacos.

Oh no! What will they do? Well, Deku comes up with the pretty ingenious plan of using Mezo’s limb growing capabilities to lead the rampaging Dark Shadow to charge toward Bakugo and Todoroki who are being attacked by the cannibalistic villain and winner of worst oral sex partner; Moonfish.

I beg your pardon?! His power is like ridiculously long metallic teeth that shoot out really fast, it was a joke.

Um, I think you need to see your dentist about your braces, dude.

Fair enough, so does the plan work? It does! Dark Shadow takes Moonfish down with ease, and the benefit of having two fire heroes nearby means they can subdue the out-of-control Dark Shadow quirk and bring Fumikage back to his senses. But *sigh* I’m getting tired of all these dude heroes, where my best girls at?

Hello best girls!

Meanwhile? Meanwhile! Froppy and Ochako are being attacked by the only female villain (so far) Himiko Toga, who just wants to suck and poke these cute hero girls—

—I’m sorry, what?! Sorry, did you misunderstand me? That seems to be happening a lot, what I mean is she’s like the weird-goth girl I dated in High School and is unnaturally obsessed with blood, she’s even equipped with a backpack mounted device ready to store as much hero blood as she can carry. Thankfully, only Ochako gets penetrated before the cavalry rolls in yet we’re left to wonder why Himiko was so keen to get her hands on that hot hero blood…

Can we get a Batman remake with her as Bane, pls?

And is that it for the episode? Not quite, we’re also introduced to villain Mr. Compress, who as you may have guessed it is really good at compressing hard drive data. Just kidding, he’s can like capture people and put them into marble sized Pokeballs? At least that’s what it seems like… he has eyes on the previously ‘Most Wanted’ Bakugo and now too Fumikage. Why? Well, seems like the villains are looking for new blood (no pun intended) to join their ranks, and are scouting the most unstable/borderline villainous heroes amongst UA High’s students and those two fit the bill!

He exploded in his hand. Happens to everyone!

Interesting! So that’s where the plot is going this arc, huh? I saw it coming when Muscle dude, who looked obviously like Bakugo’s dad was asking after him while beating down on Deku in Episode 3. But yeah, I’m glad they’re touching on this plot line, I’ve always thought of Bakugo as very much a middle of the line guy, equally heroic and villainous. Plus there’s the whole idea of whether a child’s nature/environment determines whether the quirk they manifest will lead them down a path of good or evil or whether the quirk is decided at birth and therefore a ‘darker/more violent’ quirk cultivates a villainous attitude going forward. Either way, keep on doing what you’re doing My Hero Academia!

I’ve heard of blue balls, but aquamarine balls?

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3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 6 – Anime QandA Review”

  1. This episode definitely had a bit more punch and energy to it and it really felt like we were getting into the meaty part of the story rather than just setting things up still. I had a lot of fun this week with the episode.

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