10 Anime I Will Never Watch – Listing Compulsive

A Listing Compulsive list regarding the 10 Anime I Will Never Watch

‘Never’ is such a powerful and definitive word, but there are some anime out there that—for whatever reason—I will never watch. This is a list of the 10 anime that I am so strongly uninterested in that no matter how much positive praise is heaped on them by their fanst watch them. No nothing short of someone paying me $5 a month on Patreon would have me watching these shows #shamelessplug. Yes there is the expression don’t knock it ’til you try it, but sometimes you just know… you know? And so here are the 10 Anime I Will Never Watch! (P.S. If your favourite anime features on this list, sorry? Just know it’s nothing personal!)

~Number 10~
Sword Art Online

I know, I know! Predictable, perhaps! But here’s the thing… while this show has its large amount of haters, I don’t hate this show at all. I’ve only seen like 5 minutes of the first episode and it was precisely dull and generic enough for me to know it’s not for me! I’m sure for those of you who love it, it’s great and I’d never take that away from you, but at this point in time I know I ~probably~ wouldn’t enjoy the experience.

~Number 9~
Love Live! Sunshine

This one’s kinda tough, because you know, cute girls and all that shit. Except… am I the only one who thinks these girls kinda look f**king terrifying?! Also, while I kinda liked the original Love Live this feels like it would be more of the same just with different characters, so I envision watching this would be a bit of a chore. The only thing that makes me curious about this show is people talking about how “gay” it is, but I don’t know if that’s text, subtext or just projection. For now though, it’s a pass.

~Number 8~
Rurouni Kenshin

There’s 3 genre of anime that are among my least favourite, ‘historical’ anime being among those three. Specifically Japanese history, I don’t know why… because I love nearly ~everything~ about modern Japan but all the Ronin and Edo and what not is just utterly boring to me…

~Number 7~
Brave Witches

I sat through 2 seasons of Strike Witches (for some reason) and while it wasn’t a ~terrible~ experience, it was a complete and utterly pointless one at least from a satisfying narrative and character development perspective. I can’t imagine this spin-off series is going to offer anything other than more of the same—and that’s not really something worth spending my time on.

~Number 6~
Golden Time

Imagine my disappointment discovering this show isn’t about golden showers! But seriously it’s a romance from the author of Toradora! A.k.a the most overrated romance anime I’ve ever seen! #controversialopinion

~Number 5~
Literally any and all ‘Gundam’ shows…

Remember how I mentioned I had 3 genre’s of anime that rank among my least favourite? Well another of them is ‘Mecha’… as soon as there’s giant robots on screen my eyes glaze over in complete and utter boredom. And there’s how many of this series?! Where’s that ejector seat when you need it?!

~Number 4~

Is this even technically an anime? I don’t even know, this is one of those rare shows where I’ve avoided knowing anything about the actual plot of the show whatsoever so who knows maybe it’s actually entertaining? All I know is I screw my face whenever I see those four letters. Does this make me an anime hipster or an elitist, or just a jack-off? Let’s just settle with all three and call it a day.

~Number 3~
Detective Conan

So, this show is really ridiculously popular in Japan. It’s also got like a million episodes and looks like it’s directed towards children? Hardly any anibloggers I know so much as mention this show, let alone watch it (as far as I know) so I don’t even know if it’s good or not? And so I’m just left to assume this isn’t a show worth watching…

~Number 2~
One Piece

Oh boy… oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy… So, yeah—this show. Uh, um… I dislike nearly everything about this show and I’ve never watched a single second of it? Is that fair? No… probably not. But I mean the art-style/character designs are just so unappealing to me and the story seems so dull and longwinded. Abandon ship!

~Number 1~
Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, Et al.

My overwhelming disinterest for this show is “OVER 9000!” Also that’s like one of only five memes I know for this show… So here’s the thing, growing up—Dragon Ball was always the competitor to Pokemon, it was watched by the more mature of my classmates and upper class-men while the rest of us scrubs watched Ash and co’s adventures. Even in these early years there were memes (we called ’em “jokes” back in my day) about Dragon Ball characters spending multiple episodes just shouting and powering up, and while I’m sure this was unparalleled fun for its fans I can’t help but be aggressively underwhelmed by the very idea of it. Add to the fact that this show just looks like a testosterone party = one very uninterested me—then and now.

Ahem…so that was the 10 Anime I’ll Never Watch list, thanks for reading this narrow-minded post and sorry if I got worked up about a show you like but that’s just how it is I suppose! I’m not sure what exactly the point of this post was but hopefully it was… interesting? Let me know in the comments what anime you’ll never watch and feel free to trash my trash opinions!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

38 thoughts on “10 Anime I Will Never Watch – Listing Compulsive”

  1. I really do like RWBY. Technically not an anime, but one of very few western products I know of (Aside from some of the big-time movies) that achieved some kind of success in the east. I’m looking forward to the new season this fall, but Shawn never really got into it. I guess it all comes down to personal preference in the end, but I think people get too caught up in the “is it actually anime” debate, and should just watch it as an animated series in general. It’s cool, to me, to see how what started as an independent animation project become such a polished, successful series.

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    1. Yeah that’s fair enough. I fully admit I’m being needlessly difficult to ignore a show based on where it was made (it’s not the full reason but it’s a factor) but I don’t deny it’s great that the creators have had such success with their show.

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  2. I won’t dispute your choices, either because I agree with them (One Piece) or because it’s a matter of taste (Toradora). I do think you would probably enjoy RWBY, however. I mean, where else can you find a lesbian chameleon girl? 😺 Seriously, though, I found the humor super fun.

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    1. Haha, that DOES sound fun. Maybe I just need to approach it as not being an anime and judge it separately… Damn it! This is supposed to be a definitive list! (Though maybe it shouldn’t have been on the list at all since it’s “technically” not an anime!)

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  3. Damn, there were a lot of shows on here I wasn’t expecting. The one I relate to the most, and will never watch for exactly the same reasons, is One Piece. But I feel it’s SO blasphemous to say you don’t like it/have no interest in it. Kenshin I don’t believe is for everyone, especially if you’re not into historical stuff. I love historical stuff and I’ve always had a difficult time getting into it. I think Golden Time is hella over-rated, TBH. I’ve never seen Toradora (I think that was the one), but GT is not a mind-blowing romance series, so nothing to miss there. I’ve definitely seen better. Cool list. I relate a lot, lol.

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  4. Ohohohohoh. This list is interesting.
    I do agree on your list. Even though I am a Detective Conan avid fan, its quite hard to recommend the whole series cuz of the repeated pattern of episodes, very very long number of episodes (900+) and its kinda directed to the kids and already fans like me.
    I really like this idea of a list…
    Is it okay if I’ll take some inspiration from it and make my own entry??

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  5. I’m not a big fan of Mechs, so I agree with you there. I feel like I want to say, “Oh, but you should try this and that.” But I won’t. It’s interesting to see this though. I wonder if there’s a part two for this?

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  6. I didn’t watched Detective Conan (too scared by the number of episode) but I read the manga and I love it. However this series is the kind of series that might only end with the death of its creator, unless someone decide to take over the story and make it its own.
    If you take away all the different case NOT related to the main story you might not even have 20 volumes of the series…

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  7. Completely agree on the topic of historical anime. Something about them just feels so bland. Understandable list overall, it’s a bold statement to make and I respect that.

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  8. Not really to the topic (because I’ve seen only 1 show from the list and I’m not planning to watch the majority of them, hehe), but I’m very glad to see another person who wasn’t that impressed by Toradora.

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  9. While everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices, and I totally agree about One Piece, I kind of think sometimes shows aren’t what they seem from their first five minutes or from the reviews. And sometimes things that don’t look like they will appeal end up working for you just because you are in the right mood. And I’m not just saying that because I like SAO. Actually, the one on this list that I really think you can’t really know whether you like it or not until you watch it would be Golden Time. It’s not a perfect show by any means but it does do some quite interesting things with the characters at times and explores some interesting issues. It definitely isn’t exactly what you would think it is going to be from its tags and from the trailers.
    Still, while I’m not a huge fan of definitely ruling things out, I’m probably going to agree that I am never watching One Piece or any more of Dragon Ball anything than I’ve already seen.

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    1. I know I might be missing out on some classic shows by judging a book by its cover but the same can be said by people who watch a single episode of a show for the sake of seasonal watching and then drop it.

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      1. Totally true. And I’m often surprised when I go back and pick up some of those titles by the ones I missed that I would have loved to watch week to week. And other times my decision to drop early is totally validated.

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  10. While overall, Golden Time isn’t a great watch, there are a couple moments that it has that are really tremendous pieces of drama starring Yui Horie. And it’s actually not a bad representation of a romance show between people who have some broken bits, like we all do, trying to figure out how to deal with themselves.

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  11. I agree with 10 and 9 (although I haven’t set eyes on the Love Live franchise in any capacity) and while I tried but couldn’t get into 8 (although Buso Renkin by the same guy is cool), I thought I’d never get into historical anime until Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu showed me it could be done.

    Admittedly, Detective Conan is where my internet name hails from (not that anyone cares…) and I do thank that series for getting me back into anime and getting me into manga. However, because it’s one of many media monoliths Japan’s produced over the years, it’s a tough sell (also, I stopped catching up years ago). According to something I read when I was a bigger fan though, it was originally meant to be 2 volumes!

    Likewise with One Piece, I’ve only seen a few episodes of the anime in passing, but I fell behind after 70-something volumes of the manga and can’t be bothered catching up in either medium. So much anime, so little time…

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  12. Completely empathise with your feelings about ‘Mecha’ anime – I see one robot and I check out immediately.


  13. I’m the same as you with quite a few numbers on that list – Gundam, One Piece, D-Ball – Although my disinterest stems more from the lack of intent to play catch-up in each of these shows (I did watch D-Conan, but ran out of juice less than a tenth-way through the series).
    Haha, but I presume that the memes from these shows are still a viable option for entertainment for you, you could probably do a “Shows I’ll never watch, but Memes that I appreciate” gag. XD

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  14. Wait…how did you manage to like the original Love Live if you find the Sunshine girls to be scary? I also quite enjoyed Love Live, and the only reason I never got to Sunshine (or even Love Live S2) is because I’m too busy watching seasonals.


    1. I’m not sure. It’s not all of them that look scary but some of them give me the creeps. Aesthetically I was never really into the original girls either I just somewhat enjoyed the story, even if it was predictable.

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  15. First time visiting your blog, so I just thought I’d say hello as a fellow blogger! Sometimes I watch shows that I know aren’t for me just so I can discuss it with other people and know exactly what I’m talking about (case in point: SAO), but sometimes it just gives me a greater appreciation for the good stuff…

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    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! That’s a very good point! But at the same time there’s a lot of anime out there and not enough hours in the day!


  16. HI there. Thank you for this post. I don’t get to talk about anime much. My recent circle of friends are not in to this stuff. I very much agree with you, everyone has their own opinion and I’d like to add some info from my perspective, which may or may not influence you into a change of heart on keeping these ten in your top ten. SAO: I’ve seen both versions and as a gamer I thought it was an interesting take on the idea of actually living in the game, but I saw it as a kind of rip off of .hack. I honestly can’t remember if it made me have feels or not. So, for me, not memorable. Love live sunshine: never heard of it, or it’s prequel. So, no info on that, except, YES their eyes are kinda creepy. Rurouni Kenshin: I read the manga before I saw the show. To me it seemed like they tried to add an excessively amount of goofiness to balance out the serious, dark drama of the plot, not to mention that era was pretty dark and heinous. It also aired around the same time as Tenchi, which I found more interesting. Brave Witches and Golden Time: never heard of. Gundum and Mecha shows: I mostly agree. I grew out of the space and suit tech shows when, well when Pink broke up with Red to date Green who turned into White. RWBY: I thought was interesting in the way it encouraged girls who are completely different to work together and trust in their own and each other’s specific talents and skills to accomplish their goals. Also don’t judge a book by its cover because some of the girls are not who you think they are… Detective Conan: Never heard of it. One Piece: Again I read the manga before I watched it. My turn off was hearing his voice. I tried, I tried to sit through some of the episodes, but they got the wrong voice for him. I don’t know if you’ve done this but when I read it, I had more normal voices attached to the characters and then, just no. Now for DBZ: I’m a dbz fan not a pokemon fan. (I did watch pokemon a bit, but I liked Digimon more at that time.) For me, dbz came to me in a point where I was just starting JKD, so I related to them in the fact that there is always room for improvement. Yes the episodes can be a lot of yelling and testosterone, ego boosts, but there’s other feels in there too. The pains of being adopted, breaking gender roles and stereotypes, tons of bromance, trusting yourself and your comrades in a time of crisis, family values, protecting the innocent because it’s the right thing to do. I mean they had lessons and morals along with the thirty-episode-fight-scenes. And I don’t blame you if you didn’t read this all. Like I said, I don’t get many chances to talk about anime. Thanks again for this post and the opportunity and sorry my comment is long.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, you make some really interesting points, especially about DBZ, I’m sure there’s a lot to like about that show but I don’t think I could commit to something that long. Feel free to talk about anime with me anytime though, I enjoyed reading your thoughts!

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