High School DxD Hero Episode 6 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 6

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 6.

As I recall the last episode ended with Issei learning a new ability, namely summoning his best girl Rias despite her being on the other side of Japan. That is indeed a summation of what happened.

Uh-huh, and why did he summon her? To poke her nipples of course.

I’m sorry I asked! It’s the only way he can power himself up, her nipples are the switch that activates his more powerful abilities, much to the disbelief of everyone around him who thought they were in a serious supernatural battle anime.

Good enough for a poke.

Right… so do his new abilities allow him to finally defeat this new enemy of his? Nope! It’s still not enough! I mean kudos to this show for not making Issei some unstoppable, over powered protagonist. He’s still got a long way to go…

So how does he and his friends get out of their predicament. Deus Ex Money.

What? Literally a monkey god called Sun Wukong just decides to show up, he’s also known as the Great Victorious Fighting Bhudda, a name which everyone in the show seems to recognise so he’s obviously some well-known Japanese mythological/historical figure. Which is par for the course for this show, we’ve had religious figures from plenty of Western religions only makes sense we get some Eastern ones.

He’s a cool monkey dude, also like one of the most powerful characters in this show.

So this monkey guy shows up and saves the day? More or less, maybe it’s an easy way out of a difficult situation but they’re obviously setting up a much larger confrontation while also introducing new god-like figures to the show. The supporting cast is already absurdly large at this point but at least they’re giving each of these new supporting characters enough time to introduce them and not just throwing five or six in at once and expecting you to remember them all like they did in Season 3.

Everybody take a drink, he mentioned season 3 again! I’m sorry, I know I harp on about that lacklustre season a lot but it’s important to reinforce what this season of the show is doing right by comparison. It is the make or break season for this show, if it doesn’t perform well I very much doubt it will continue, despite their being like 16+ more light novels to adapt….


Right. What else happens? Issei and his classmates leave Kyoto, the threat for the time being neutralised and Kunou’s mother safely returned to her human form. Back home, Issei is admonished by Rias, Akeno and Koneko for not contacting them after the battle and Azazel-sensei stirs the pot by suggesting that little loli fox Kunou has been added to Issei’s informal harem.

Oh geez. Don’t worry, I don’t think she actually is, she’s stayed behind in Kyoto.

I mean if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

Sure… So how’s the episode overall? It’s pretty good, but possibly the weakest episode so far. Even though the “conclusion” of sorts was cut-short by a magical monkey god it was at least entertaining and well-written and not in the least bit rushed. I like the fact that Issei’s powers are evolving and are doing so in a way that’s connected to his perverted sensibilities. And while there were some true series highlights during the Kyoto school-trip arc (namely to do with Xenovia and a storage closet) I am thankful we’re back home with the entire main cast all together again. I missed the interactions between Rias and Issei because there is a tangible attraction and dare I say ~love~ between the two of them that hopefully gets more attention in future episodes!

Japan weeps.

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