Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 7 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 7

What’s the show? Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair, Episode 7.

Still… you’re still reviewing this show? I am nothing if not persistent.

I think you mean, ‘belligerent’ and ‘stubborn’ and possibly mad too… I am fine with this.

Right. So what happened in this episode? Not a lot, in fact it’s probably the most inconsistent episode of the series—with regard to comedy that is. But is it weird that I kind of appreciate how honest this episode was with how ~messy~ it is?

Work or fun?

What do you mean? Well this show has always played it fast and loose with its individual episode plot lines, but here we’re treated to an episode that’s truly first draft material. Like so much of this episode feels like it was hammered out on a keyboard at the 11th hour just to meet a deadline. But as a blogger who does the exact same thing on almost a daily basis I kinda dug the freewheeling approach.

Family reunions are a bitch.

Sounds kind of like laziness to me…might agree with you except the show is quick to call itself out on how the plot of this episode makes ZERO sense and it’s not like it’s an especially convoluted plot or involves great narrative twists and turns, it’s just that this episode plays out more like post-it notes on a white-board than a satisfying narrative.

I’m still not sure where the ‘good’ in all this comes in. Sounds more ‘bad’ to me. What’s it even about anyway? Right, so the gang go to visit ‘Animal World’ where Gajeru is originally from and they meet up with his tsun little sister who has arranged a guided tour of the region with the exceedingly popular, trap-tastic tour-guide Yumiru who gives them an experience they’ll never forget! Only to find out that he’s being fired tomorrow by the mayor of the town who intends to replace him with 120 cute girls!

Choco knows the score.

What? And so the gang organises a vocal protest but that doesn’t end up drawing much attention so they start a petition drive that ends up in a competitive petition signing competition with Wiseman which ends up drawing the attention of the Animal King, which ends up with so many references to Kemono Friends that I feel like my head is spinning!

Too irl for me irl.

What? Just, trust me… if you’re even a little into the behind-the-scenes controversy behind Kemono Friends and Kadokawa’s firing of Kemono Friends writer/director Tatsuki, you’re bound to find a lot to enjoy here.

Press conferences happen, even in a fantasy world.

And if you’re a normal human being? Then maybe you’ll appreciate the randomness of it all. Listen, I never said this episode was a flawless parody, it’s honestly all over the place but having our fourth-wall breaking character Choco directly address the seemingly disconnected nature of this episode certainly helps. Also, it seems like some other characters are becoming self-aware too…

Wiseman are always needed. I ❤ Wiseman!

And the ‘Kemono Friends’ references? Listen, I’m going to level with you, I didn’t know what half of these references were until I found a Reddit post about it. I haven’t watched Kemono Friends but apparently there’s a lot of references to the show and the aforementioned firing of it’s writer/director. Kudos to this show for highlighting something real world and vaguely controversial, but regardless of all that I think the episode still works even if your knowledge of all of that is secondary or even non-existent.

This cutie pie is a boy!

Uh-huh… err, I give up! This show is so densely packed with references to so many different things I feel like I need a doctorate in anime to truly appreciate it. Until that unlikely honour is bestowed upon me I’ll just keep enjoying this silly little show while screaming “WI-ZUMA-NNN! Wiseman!” into the void.

If only.

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