High School DxD Hero Episode 7 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 7

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 7.

Ah, the part of the week I dread as you drool over anime boobs again… Hey! The last two weeks have been practically non-existent on the fan-service front, cut me some slack!

Yeah yeah… so what happens this week? The oppai is back! Rejoice!

*sigh* I meant what happened plot wise… Oh right. Well we open on a stage performance of the Oppai Dragon, which is kind of like a kids show starring Issei, it’s all about his fictionalised accounts battling evil and touching boobs, just for a children’s audience.

Family friendly entertainment!

That seems kind of inappropriate? It’s a kid’s show in the Underworld so calm down, devil parents aren’t as prudish as human parents evidently. It’s a cute couple of scenes, Rias’ facial reactions to having to be involved in this kind of thing is hilarious. After some very well-animated backstage harem shenanigans that briefly involve all the girls (except for Rias) flashing their breasts at him, there isn’t actually any more fan-service for the rest of the episode.

If I’d taken a screenshot one frame later this would be a lot more NSFW!

You must have been heart-broken. You joke but I actually like how restrained… no that’s not the right word—sparing, the show is being about its fan-service. It’s definitely devoting more time to character development and world-building and making sure this increasingly complicated plot-heavy show makes sense.

So what happens after the “harem shenanigans”? Everyone returns back to school to start setting up for the school festival, surprisingly (from a fan-service perspective) but accurately (considering they meet under the guise of the Occult club) Rias and co are putting on a haunted house! But this is only the preamble to that, first we have to meet the new student who was mentioned to be attending last episode. Ravel Phenex, it’s been a while since we saw her on the show (I want to say Season 2 but I could be wrong) and she’s especially cute and it will be fun to see more with her!

Isn’t she cute?!

The harem expands? Yeah pretty much!

Anything else noteworthy happen? Yes! Issei and Rias go to meet Sairaorg’s unconscious mother (Rias’ aunt), she’s near death and they brought Issei in the hopes that he can use his ‘Booblingual’ technique to talk to her, but to no avail—

—Sorry, what? “Booblingual” as in he can talk to boobs?! I thought I would have mentioned that before, he acquired the power a little while ago… (also worth mentioning in Japanese it’s actually pailingual, which is a much better pun—just sayin’).

Damn pretty scene tho.

Maybe you did mention it and I just blocked it out of my memory… go on then… Right, so I’m not sure why they wanted to contact Sairaorg’s mother/Rias’ aunt, other than maybe as a kindness to say goodbye or something, to get some closure maybe? But it doesn’t work, rather lazily they talk about it not working rather than actually show the scene—but maybe they just didn’t want to animate Issei trying to communicate with an unconscious woman’s chest. It’s an odd scene, and while yes it gives a bit of “tragic backstory” to Sairaorg, I’d argue the scene(s) didn’t need to be as long as they were.

Sairaorg’s kind of handsome?

Weren’t you just extolling the virtues of how this season is spending more time on ‘character development’? Yeah… I just don’t know if it was especially needed for this character. Yes he’s important as he’s the guy Issei will be fighting in the upcoming Rating Game but I don’t think it added anything personally. I don’t ~feel~ anything’s changed by adding that scene, but who knows, maybe it’ll all be important later on and I’ll be thanking the show for taking the time to include it!

Uh-huh, so what’s the verdict on this episode? It was a lot of fun, but it’s still kind of in the whole ‘in-between major plot sections’ so not a lot is happening. The harem shenanigans were great, as were the smaller, more romantic moments between Issei and Rias but this was neither the best, nor the worst this season has produced.

Dat Rias smile! ❤

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Author: Cactus Matt

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One thought on “High School DxD Hero Episode 7 – Anime QandA Review”

  1. I thought it wasn’t a bad choice to have that much time (and it really wasn’t much of it) spent on Sairaorg’s mother, and the associated discussion about the Bael family. One, I think it really helps to explain a lot of the Devil world, which was really skimped out on in previous series and two, it establishes a lot of important links between Rias, her mother, and Sairaorg. Plus, Sairaorg is someone who is very out of ‘normal’ in the world of devils, and has faced a lot of discrimination because of it, even being run out of his “own” family.

    Plus, honestly, Sairaorg is a way better character than CaoCao, who isn’t even a good villain. He’s like the second worst villain in the whole series, after Diadora. I personally find the whole Hero Faction to be a waste, and a bunch of uninteresting smug jerks.

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