High School DxD Hero Episode 8 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 8

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 8.

And what’s happening in supernatural harem world this week? Issei is a big, dumb, stupid, idiot-face!

Really flexing that thesaurus there, aren’t we writer boy? Shuddup.

Care to elaborate on that point though? So Issei has a bad habit of calling Rias “President” in every circumstance, professional and personal. He does so out of respect for standing in their “family” (and because like all the way back in season 1 she told him too). But Issei and Rias are really past the point of such formalities when they’re in private they are practically boyfriend and girlfriend. And so when Rias decides to ~attempt~ to take things to the next level by making out with him in the sauna, and she asks “what am I to you?” and he replies “president is president”. Of course she’s going to bed mad! They were literally 10 seconds away from ‘doing the deed’ and he went and completely misread the situation.

She was so ready.

“President is president?” It sounds better in Japanese.

Fair enough, but maybe the poor boy was nervous, about to loose his virginity to such a beautiful woman. Don’t make excuses for him, he’s an idiot! Baka!

There’s so many ways to answer this question and Issei picks probably one of the worst.

I see you feel quite strongly about this. I feel sorry for Rias, she obviously adores the boy and she’s even ~fine~ with all the attention he gets from the other girls, but she’s his best girl, they’ve gone as far as saying they love each other, and yet he’s still too dense to know that all she wants to hear is him call her by her name!


Yeah I can see what you mean I suppose. At least the show is firmly in Rias’ corner as when Issei doubles down on the stupid by saying “president is president” again except this time in the presence of everyone on the main cast they all call him out on his clueless callousness.

Uh-huh, good to know. So what else happens in the episode, you know further progressing the plot and all that? Oh I don’t know some ratings game stuff, some training, a press conference whatever. I’m only focused on Rias getting the best out of Issei for her own sake as much as his.

Yes, they have press conferences in the underworld too!

Eh? I thought you didn’t go in for the whole ‘romance’ in anime thing, you seem pretty hung up on this? I… err, well you try watching 4 seasons of a show and not getting attached to the characters, I’ve seen them go through so much together and I just want them to be happy. Is that so much to ask?

And let’s not forget that Ravel has entered the harem as of last week and is keen to play!

I don’t know. So where’s this leave the season? I’m glad they’re explicitly addressing this now, Rias has been hinting at her displeasure in being called “President” for like nearly 2 seasons now so hopefully this moves along their relationship. Obviously I know the show’s going to milk this for some relationship ~drama~ for a couple of episodes because she does storm off—almost in tears—after his second flub. But this can only mean good things on the horizon, let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another season to see it come to climax (pun intended).

Quality journalism.

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

3 thoughts on “High School DxD Hero Episode 8 – Anime QandA Review”

  1. I finally got to watching this one. It kind of bugs me that everyone piles on with the “You’re awful, you really made things worse” without actually telling him *what he did to make things worse*. I think I mentioned before how Issei never really sees himself on the level of Rias, even though the entire rest of the devil world has acknowledged they are a couple. Heck, it wasn’t in the last series, but in the books that it covered, Issei took a lot of high-class devil training with Rias’ mom Venelana, in preparation for marrying Rias. But Issei still doesn’t understand that he’s got the girl. He thinks he’s still just admiring a goddess from far away. And honestly, that’s something about the story that really kind of annoys me. Noone ever sits Issei down and explains this to him. The guy’s pretty much an idiot. He’s a lovable idiot, but he’s an idiot. Getting mad at him for not picking up on this is just unfair to him, but it’s something that the series plays for this romantic drama.

    Seriously, if he understood what the situation is, he’d rise to the occasion. But instead he just gets the frowns and head shakes. I always wanted Kiba, or Akeno, or Azazel, or even Sirzechs or Venelana or Grayfia to just take that half hour to let him know that he’s way more important to Rias (and everyone else) than he thinks. He doesn’t call her Buchou for the reasons she thinks he does. He does because that’s all he thinks he can do. The books do have a lot more internal monologue from Issei where he’s trying to work up the courage to call her Rias, but he just thinks he’s not worthy.

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    1. You make a good point but ultimately Issei needs to learn for himself. Perhaps I (and the show) was unfairly harsh on Issei, after all he’s like 16 years old nobody knows what they’re doing at that age.


      1. That’s pretty much exactly it: he’s a teenage boy. And the thing is, it’s not like he’s wanting to screw up. He just doesn’t have the confidence to openly confess to the girl he likes, because she’s so awesome and beautiful, and he’s a loser (part of it is that you have to remember that he was one of the biggest losers in the school before his death and induction into Rias’ peerage, tied into the Perverted Trio, and he’s still friends with Matsuda and Motohama. And remember that the timeline we’re talking about here since he was killed is only something like 5 months. It’s a lot of life change to go through in such a short time.

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