Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 10 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 10

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul:re, Episode 10.

And how’s the show this week? Top quality entertainment with a minimal of confusion—which is always a plus!

So no ~new~ characters introduced then? Come now, this is Tokyo Ghoul:re we’re talking about! Of course they introduced a “new” character, by which I mean an awesomely creepy girl who is probably someone I should know but because this show has like a thousand characters and I’ve only seen the first season of course I don’t know who she is. But I’m glad whoever she is is here, her scene at the start of the episode would have been the highlight were this episode not packed to the brim with great scenes!

I’ve heard about ‘strangers with candy’ but loli’s with apples is a new one…

So what happened this episode? A lot, and seemingly a lot of important stuff too! To succinctly surmise it, Kanae wants to kill Haisie, Haisie and his team play dress-up as ‘masked’ ghouls, Haisie has more ~flashbacks~ about what he was like in his past life, The Gourmet struggles with his feelings for Haisie while Haisie presses him for information. The CCG authorises an attack on The Gourmet’s estate and are ruthless about it, while The Gourmet is saved by his father’s sacrifice and he retreats to a hideout.

Simple times…

Yeah… that is a lot of stuff. Indeed, and you’d think with so much going on it would feel confusing or rushed but I found it to be perfectly paced throughout. I got a sense of everything they wanted to say and there was even time for more contemplative character moments like with Ginshi reminiscing about his poor sister and her ‘medical condition’ and how that ties to his apprehension about using Nutcracker’s Quinque.

Hello stranger.

And what else? This episode also perfectly highlights the divide between the ruthless CCG—who if you’d not been paying attention you might mistake for the ‘good guys’—and the ghouls. But it’s abundantly clear here from the actions of some of them—especially the lunatic Kijima—that just being on the side of ‘the law’ doesn’t make a person in any way ‘good’ or ‘right’. This is Tokyo Ghoul firing on all cylinders; when it’s emotional and complicated and visceral.

“Visceral”? Poor ghoul girl gets chopped in half with a chainsaw by Kijima, that bastard! Also the episode is perfectly bookended by having the creepy bandage girl from the beginning doing a number on Kanae’s everything, she’s one twisted little girl…


Yikes! So uh, a very good episode then, all things considered? Probably among the best Tokyo Ghoul:re episodes this season, though it goes without saying… still needs more Saiko!

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