Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 9 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 9

What’s the show? Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair, Episode 9.

And what’s this silly show doing this week? I ah… I can’t tell you.

Huh? How are you supposed to write a review if you can’t tell me what the episode is about? Is it lewd? No it’s not ~lewd~! It’s that the whole episode is built around the reveal of a joke, and I guess depending on the person you’ll “get” the joke at a different time during the episode. But the reveal is so important to the success of the joke that I feel like spoiling it—is like yelling the punchline before someone gets the chance to tell the joke, it just seems like it’s in poor form.

Who could these people be?!

But people read these with the intention of being spoiled, don’t they? Like either they’ve seen the show already and want your opinion on it or they just want to read something you’ve written (for whatever reason). Maybe, but then there could be people who think you can’t spoil a comedy—which for the most part is true—and heedlessly go into this review not expecting to get a whole episodes worth of jokes spoiled by me.

You could put a spoiler warning? Nope! Not doing it!

Life… finds a way.

Is the joke really that good that you don’t want it spoiled? In the grand scheme of things, not really! I mean it’s ‘good’ certainly, but the surprise makes it better.

Fair enough, I’ll trust your authority on this one. So what can you say about this episode? It’s centered mostly on Wiseman! Which as you’ll know if you’ve read my reviews is like the best part of this whole damn show! (And also makes up for the absence from last episode!)

Anything else you can say without giving it away? There’s a really great fight scene mid-episode, that’s so well-animated it makes me wish Tokyo Ghoul:re was made by J.C. Staff!

Just sit back and enjoy all 14 seconds of this beautifully animated action.

Right, so how do we wrap up a review for an episode you barely talked about? If you like comedy anime just watch this show already, it’s really under appreciated. Seriously everything about this show is so polished, from the animation to the voice-acting it’s just so crisp and detailed and vibrant—it’s just an utter joy to watch every week!

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