Comic Girls Episode 10 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Comic Girls Episode 10

What’s the show? Comic Girls, Episode 10.

How are the things in the dorm this week? About the same as last week quality wise. Albeit with an unexpected bit of character development on the part of one character.

So not peak ‘Comic Girls’ but not a slouch of an episode either? Pretty much.

*mistake making intensifies*

So what’s the episode about then? Well it’s Christmas! And everyone’s excited—well everyone but Ruki—see she hates Christmas because in Japan Christmas is a holiday for couples to do lovey-dovey things and Ruki wants in on that romance, but alas because she’s in a CGDCT show she’s destined to be forever single. So she wallows in her own love-less life for a bit, the others attempt to console her until Kaos manages to cheer her up with a somewhat inappropriate Birthday gift—oh and her Birthday is on Christmas Eve.

Aren’t we all?


And everything’s back to normal after that? More or less, this first segment kind of felt a bit more filler-y than the average episode but it was still very funny. The second segment though amped up the character development, even if it was a bit of a rushed reveal.

What’s the second segment of the episode about? Well, after Kaos’ plans to return home for New Years are scuppered by her parents winning a trip to Hawaii, Kaos—after much cajoling—tags along with Tsubasa to visit her parents. Except Tsubasa’s whole tomboyish aesthetic and mangaka ways are something of a secret to Tsubasa’s family—namely because they’re crazy wealthy and live in a mansion and expect their daughter to be a ‘proper lady’.

Tsubasa family reunion.

Ah that old chestnut. Normally I don’t go in for these kinds of character revelations but I think it was done well, if slightly rushed. The idea of going back home and feeling your own sense of self disappear as you revert back to how your parents want you to act is perfectly captured here. (Also Kaos not knowing how to be in any way ‘fancy’ was consistently hilarious) And though it’s rather quickly resolved, I get the feeling that it’s because they wanted a third segment at the end of the episode, but then again maybe it’s exactly like this in the manga too?

Too cute!

A third segment? That’s unusual isn’t it? Some episodes have them but they’re usually a lot shorter than this. After returning from Tsubasa’s we get a shrine visit where Kaos-chan’s luck takes a beating followed by a ceremonial ‘cooking of sweet potato on an open fire made up of failed manuscripts’ ritual back at the dorm. It’s actually a really great and kind of touching scene that makes me forgive them for short-changing the second segment.

All the need is a garnish of her tears!

Right. So still standing by the claim that this is one of the best CGDCT shows out there? Absolutely. At this point, nothing short of a catastrophic failure in the last three episodes would change that, hopefully I’ve got better luck than Kaos-chan and didn’t jinx it!

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