10 Top Western Songs Used as ED’s in Anime – Listing Compulsive

Here’s my Listing Compulsive list of the 10 Favourite Western Songs used as ED’s in Anime

Last time we counted down the 10 Best OP’s that came from the West, namely popular Western songs that had found themselves attached to an anime. This time it’s the same except we’re looking at ED’s (Ending Songs) and boy are there some interesting songs on this list! Just a reminder, as with most of my music related lists, OP songs shorter than 1 minute are ineligible, also suffice to say Japanese artists who sing in English are not included—that’s a list for another day! However unlike previous music lists I’ve taken into consideration how well the visuals match the song, because otherwise I’d just be reviewing Western music… and that doesn’t really make much sense now does it? With all that out of the way here is My 10 Top Western Songs Used as ED’s in Anime!

~Number 10~
“Shine” by Mr. Big from Hellsing

Remember Mr. Big? Well if you do it’s probably not because of this song (unless you’re fan of this anime—I’m not), this song’s pretty good but it’s also kind of generic you know? Like lyrically it was taken from the ‘Idiot’s Guide To Song Writing’. That’s probably pretty harsh, but we have to start somewhere! Trust me it’s much better from here on out!

~Number 9~
“Lithium Flower” by Scott Matthew from Ghost in the Shell: SAC

It’s a bit funky, a bit cool with some gorgeously drawn still images, nothing remarkable but still a good combination.

~Number 8~
“Fly Me To The Moon” by Claire Littley from Neon Genesis Evangelion

A cute cover, something very laid back and loungey about it. I like it!

~Number 7~
“You Won’t See Me Coming” Jean-Jacques Burnel from Gankutsuou

Talk about an unexpected banger! Especially unexpected since its from the same artist as this show’s OP and it doesn’t really sound all that similar!

~Number 6~
“Drowning” by Backstreet Boys from Hanada Shounen-shi

I hadn’t heard this Backstreet Boys song before (not that surprising) but it’s kind of adorable! Though it’s still weird hearing music like this attached to an anime that ‘looks’ like this… Oh well, still doesn’t change the fact it’s pretty damn great!

~Number 5~
“Walk Like An Egyptian” by Bangles from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Probably the coolest visuals of any of these endings, and they tie well into the song which while inherently goofy totally fits with the show (from what little I’ve seen of it). Jojo has a habit of having top-teir classic hits for their ED’s so expect to see a few more in this list…

~Number 4~
“My World Down” by Meister from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Very cool, kinda grungy with low-key but nonetheless on theme visuals. What’s not to like?!

~Number 3~
“Roundabout” by Yes from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Well that was quick… Here we are with another Jojo ending song, they’re just so damn fitting while simultaneously being completely anachronistic, like they shouldn’t work so well but they just do!

~Number 2~
“Paranoid Android” by Radiohead from Ergo Proxy

Radiohead are one of my top 3 favourite bands, so much like in the OP list I did this choice is very biased, because I absolutely adore this song. The visuals kinda suck though, which is a shame but if anything it makes you pay more attention to the song which is a smart choice in my opinion. A little bit of trivia, lead singer Thom Yorke was hesitant to let the show use his song as he (used to be) protective about what shows and movies used his media, that was until he watched the first episode and deemed it worthy.

~Honourable Mention~
“Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand from Paradise Kiss

I really like this song—always have, Franz Ferdinand are a great band, and even though this is an anime movie (and kind of breaking rules) I’m totally including It as an honourable mention because that dancing in the visuals is just adorable!

~Number 1~
“I Want You” by Savage Garden from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Even though I’m Australian (and so is Savage Garden—this band) I never truly appreciated how great of a band they were ‘til I saw this ED come up on Youtube one day. Maybe my tastes had changed since Savage Garden were in the Aussie charts but I love everything about this ending, the way the visuals float forward so perfectly with the music the hypnotic vocals the music. *sigh* I wish this ending would last the entire length of the song because it’s a sublime experience and it’s over way too quickly!

And there they are! The 10 Best Western Anime ED’s! I hope you enjoyed reading (and listening) to this list, stay tuned for more music-related anime lists soon!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

4 thoughts on “10 Top Western Songs Used as ED’s in Anime – Listing Compulsive”

  1. Even though I am one of the few people that did not really enjoy Ergo Proxy as much as everyone else did, I really loved that song. It was great! 🙂 The Ghost in the Shell tune was pretty good too 😊😊

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  2. Nice! I knew more of these songs better and I love this version of fly me to the moon. I also really need to watch jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Thanks for sharing the link so I could find this quickly and easily.

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