Comic Girls Episode 11 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Comic Girls Episode 11

What’s the show? Comic Girls, Episode 11.

And what’s it a– No! I don’t want to do this! I don’t want this gorgeous show to ever end! I love it so damn much!

So I take it we’re at the penultimate episode? Yes, sadly, we’re almost at the season finale and all I can think of is how much this show has grown from where it was, I’m like a proud parent who has watched his child blossom from a cute anime girl to a cute anime girl with a lot of deep character development and introspective narrative.

I’m sure that sounded better in your head. So what’s this episode about? As I recall the last few episodes were kind of a bit weaker than the show at its best. To be fair this show at its best is better than nearly everything out there so even at its weaker moments–not counting the first couple of episodes–this show is still excellent. This week however, perhaps sensing that melancholy and channeling it we’re given an episode that trades in a lot of the usual comedic qualities for something more nostalgic and contemplative.

You still haven’t said what it’s about… The girls have to fill out their career forms, a.k.a pick three careers they want to consider for the future. Naturally this leads to Kaos-Chan doubting her potential and the others nervous about what kind of future being a mangaka can be in the long run. Meanwhile the Dorm matron has some unfortunate news to break–the manga dorm is to be closed at the end of the year.

Oh! So do the girls band together to try and raise enough money to save the dorm?! Nope, they help the Matron clear out the storage room. It’s all kind of sad, but in the best possible way–after all change is a great catalyst in this world and can bring new things!

I feel like you’re setting me up for something so I’ll bite, “like what?” Inspired by some motivational graffiti in the storage room–written by one of the previous inhabitants–Kaos buckles down and works hard to complete not one, not two but four manuscripts for her editor to read!

And how’s that go? Most of the comedy in this episode comes from this scene towards the end of the episode as her editor is her usual brutally honest self about the ~mediocre manuscripts~ Kaos has turned in–that is until the last one. It’s a manga with personality and wit and charm and heart. It’s something she just threw together when she didn’t know what else to write… it’s a little story about female mangakas living in a dorm together and it’s called Comic Girls!

Hmm, didn’t you predict a few episodes ago that her big breakthrough would be writing a manga about her dorm life? I did, I’m surprised you remembered but yeah it makes the most sense in the context of the narrative and as contrived as it may seem to an outsider it’s such a sweet and well-earned moment when Kaos finds out she’s going to be published in a magazine I couldn’t help but shed a tear–as I’m sure I’ll shed a many more next week in the finale!

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