Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 10 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 10

What’s the show? Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Episode 10.

Squad Jam 2 continues? Of course, though we are fast approaching the final confrontation! And what a terrific episode we’re once again treated to!

What’s so good about this episode then? It’s everything that this show does well–albeit with only a single real world scene–but it’s exactly the kind of real world set scene that makes me low-key adore this show. Without the scenes set in reality I don’t think I’d be nearly as keen on this show. Sure it would have held my attention but I’m straight up in love with Team SHINC’s real life identities–the High School Rhythmic Gymnastics Club! The little scene where they’re discussing military tactics in the real world is just so damn cute and cool!

Yup, enough with the creepy cute girl worship–can we talk about the actual episode for a moment? Spoil sport. So basically LLENN and Fuka team up with SHINC to take down Pito’s team–with the one stipulation that LLENN gets the kill shot on Pito. With the help of an anti-tank rifle(!) the girls get the upper hand on M the sniper by busting his otherwise impervious sniper shield and his 50. Cal rifle, but not without taking a few casualties. Meanwhile, LLENN has flanked their position with the intention of confronting Pito–but she’s not quick enough as an enemy sniper takes out Pito from a distance!

A random sniper? No, there’s a small scene at the start of the episode that shows another team wanting to team up with Pito, but Pito being Pito not only does she refuse their terms she also shoots them in the back as they’re leaving–albeit leaving the teams ‘conscientious objector’ alive… evidentially a mistake as she’s enraged by Pito’s actions and vows revenge on behalf of her fallen squad mates!

That seems… kind of tacked on, no? It is a little bit, it’s pretty contrived and honestly the worst thing about the episode–they didn’t need to give the “random sniper” role a motivation, they could have had any number of ~random encounters~ be the thing that almost takes out Pito but I guess the writer wanted to give a face and voice to the instigator.

“Almost”? She doesn’t die? A quick thinking M uses a medkit as she’s bleeding out that stops her on a ~slither~ of health. Which also leads to one of the big “revelations” of the episode–Pito is using ‘nervegear’ which if my Googling is correct is the thing that made the original SAO players die in real life if they died in the game.

So she wasn’t bluffing then. What happens after that? M takes the unconscious Pito to a nearby house to hold out while she heals up to full and regains consciousness. Meanwhile another squad–MMTM crashes the party and breaks into the house, while nearby LLENN can only hope and pray Pito survives long enough so that she can kill her herself. Inside the bedroom, M offers Pito a tender kiss before priming a plasma grenade–intending for them to go out together on his terms, but at the last minute she stops him and from the darkness emerges Dark Side Pito complete with totally not a knock-off light saber to completely devastate MMTM!

A new ability for Pito at the 11th hour… sounds convenient. I’d be more annoyed if it wasn’t so damn cool–which is this episode in a nutshell really. The action if not the best or most inventive it’s been is still consistently very good, plus there’s a real sense of honestly scary determination from LLENN that rivals even Pito’s performance–which is something I never thought would be possible with her pint-sized pink avatar. It’s just enjoyable all the way through and I’m immensely looking forward to the final confrontation between these two very scary women!

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5 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 10 – Anime QandA Review”

  1. I really enjoyed every second of that episode, I just love how I can easily forget it is part of the SAO franchise. Yes there is mention here and there but the feel coming from this series is different.
    I would have loved seeing more of MMTM, not cause their leader if kind of cute but cause the team finished 3rd in the 1st Jam… Pito using the light saber ( I know not the real name but it’s the same thing) was kind of cool, I didn’t expect that since her love for firearms.

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