High School DxD Hero Episode 10 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 10

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 10.

I pray that given we’re deep into a ‘Rating Game’ arc that there won’t be as much talk about boobs this time… Looks like you got your wish, this episode is so focused on the ‘Rating Game’ that it scarcely even resembles DxD at this point!

You sound disappointed? No, not really. We’ve gotten this far in this series, it’s only fair that it actually progress the main storyline rather than, you know… harem shenanigans.

So last week ended with Kiba squaring off against one of Sairorg’s pieces, a “random medieval knight” as you put it. How’s that fight go? Oh it’s over in literally two minutes.

Look at these two gorgeous girls.

Oh no, didn’t you complain in your Season 3 review that the action was paced too quickly back then? It hasn’t happened again, has it? Quit your fear mongering, yes this episode carries along at a swift pace and yes I did have issues with that in the past. But the difference here is we aren’t dealing with some epic battle that’s been episodes in the making with countless lives at stake, this is–after all just a tournament style fight. Certainly they are playing to win and Issei and Rias and the others do all take their inevitable losses to heart but it’s appropriately paced to as not make the scenes dull or longwinded.

And best girl Xenovia looking stunning as ever!

So is this episode entirely devoid of “shenanigans”Obviously not, I was being purposefully reactionary when I said it “scarcely resembled DxD”. Issei takes part in a round and naturally it’s going to involve some nudity… except it’s delivered in a very unexpected way. See, many of Issei’s abilities in battle–especially when dealing with women involve the forcible removing of clothing to render the opponent too embarrassed to fight. Except here Issei’s opponent has a trick up her sleeve… or rather out of her sleeves, rather than be subjected to his attack she promptly–but seductively strips for Issei, leaving him flummoxed and flabbergasted. Like he says in the episode “how am I supposed to attack someone who’s stripping for me?”

It was a good strip tease too!

Ugh… so does he lose then? Nope, because she makes a fundamental error. After removing her outer clothes she moves to her undergarments except she starts with the underpants rather than the bra, and for Issei – The Oppai Dragon, this will not stand! He’s so mad that she removed her underpants before her bra that he straight up punches her in the butt(!) as she’s bending over in an alluring pose. And he wins(?) much to the speechless and borderline incredulous faces of onlookers–specifically his long-suffering compatriots in the Gremory household and the flamboyant host of the Rating Game.


I see… It’s the continued bemusement slash slight disappointment in Issei’s overall way of doing things that continues to be a source of unbridled entertainment. More than that however it’s just a really entertaining and well-written arc, even Gaspar–who often has very little to do in this series gets his time to shine in this episode and I really look forward to the battle they teased at the end of the episode with Xenovia, Kiba and Roseweiss going up against Sairorg! This wasn’t the best episode of the season but it still was very enjoyable throughout and promises big things for the final two episodes!

Gasper was a brave boy this episode! You go Gasper!

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