Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 12 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 12

What’s the show? Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair, Episode 12.

So here we are the last Last Period episode… I can’t believe you kept reviewing this week to week out of spite for all the people who weren’t watching it/were giving it low scores?! Well when you put it like that you make me sound like an asshole… I was just trying to raise awareness for this delightfully silly and fun show the only way I knew how—by belligerently beating people over the head with my opinions on it on a weekly basis!

And did it work? Nope! Let’s get on to reviewing the finale!

Now kiss!

Sure… so this episode is a continuation of last episode, yes? Indeed, something I wasn’t particularly fond of as I felt the storyline from last week was among the weakest the season had afforded us—or rather more generic—at least for a show that played it so fast and loose with references to another media and genre.

Just a couple of sweet girls surveying the devastation before them.

Right so is it more of the same or does it function as a satisfying conclusion? It can be both! Though the stuff to do with the main plot is a little better than last week and it has a nice emotional pay-off for new best girl Luluna. We also get a few answers to long-standing unanswered questions that I kinda didn’t need, like why Campanella was moonlighting as Blacknella for Wiseman. Whatever the answer was going to be I knew it wouldn’t be worth waiting 12 episodes to find out and it wasn’t, but it’s not like I was watching with baited breath to find out the answer so it’s hardly a big deal!

Yada yada yada “testing them all” yada yada yada “back to square one”.

So what about it is satisfying—aside from Luluna? It’s just a really fun and well-put together episode! We get to see a bunch of character cameos from people we haven’t seen in a while/appear infrequently. There’s also a lot of gacha-game related meta-humour that sold me on the show in the first place, so in a way it works as a nice bookend for the show too! Having a bunch of amorphous enemies who represent the worst negative thoughts of gacha-game players spouting things like “I thought the rate was boosted!”, “I’ll drain my bank account for it!” and “dem thighs!” was among the highlights of the episode!

I’m usually looking out for boobs but the sentiment is the same!

Anything else you want to mention? Lastly, I think—more than anything about this show—it’s the characters that will stick with me, they are just so damn good, especially Wiseman—who by the end of the series are pretty much a part of the main cast as opposed to being the random recurring villains that they were initially set up like! I am glad this show gave Wiseman, not only enough screen-time, but the potential for them to have a show of their own (not that it’ll ever happen but a man can dream!) Not the best episode but a perfectly fine finale, which even sneaks in one extra cheeky meta-reference to close out the episode!

Oh you!

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