High School DxD Hero Episode 12 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 12

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 12.

So the final episode of DxD Hero? Needs more oppai.

Sorry, what? Gotta’ have more oppai!

So are we going to talk about the episode or just sit here meme-ing? Fine~! Put aside the fact that there’s literally zero fan-service in this episode, it is still a great episode and a somewhat fitting finale for this ‘new chapter’ of this show’s lifespan.

I’m not sure what you mean by that… I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s just focus in on the main plot points, this episode can succinctly be divided into two parts. The Rating Games conclusion and what I’m calling “The Confession”.

Right, so the Rating Game finally ends? Who wins? Despite Sairorg being an inimitable foe and generally speaking all around over-powered S.O.B. Issei secures the win—just barely—because it’s the power of love that saves the day! In the heat of the battle, Issei somewhat inadvertently confesses his love—his true feelings for Rias, and it’s those feelings and living up to his intended potential that carry him across the finish line against impossible odds!

Raging Bull reference?

So Issei wins? Yup, and it’s not even like this was some predictable, put-upon win, it’s hard fought and dare I say emotionally involved. Because Issei respects Sairorg more than we could ever know… as much as I hate the term, the two have formed a sort of “bromance” that persists even in spite of a life or death rivalry.

And what about after that? “Harem shenanigans”? I wish, no it’s their school cultural festival and Rias’ occult club is holding a haunted house andmaid café, the latter of which is just an excuse to get our female characters in sexy maid outfits but hey you won’t find me complaining!

And Gasper being an adorable dracula!

And then after that? Well… Issei finds Rias’ overlooking her favourite window, pensive but majestic. He says he has something to say to her… that something being finally the thing we’ve all waited so long for! He calls her by her name and he confesses his undying, unconditional love for her. And… surprise surprise she does the same, leaning in for a proper, tender, romantic kiss… only to be stopped by the rest of the “family” as they bust on through, not only to offer their support but continue the harem unabated as the other girls say they’ll have to try even harder to win him over despite the fact that Issei and Rias are very much a couple now.

He said it! He said it!

Oh darn! So close to a kiss…Don’t worry; the others leave as quickly as they came and Issei and Rias share a kiss… and what’s this? Tears running down my face?! But seriously, after solong it’s great to finally have this moment on-screen, it was very touching and (probably) worth the wait? I only say probably because four seasons seems like a long time to wait for a love confession but hey, better late than never!

Dawww. *heart emoji*

And is that DxD done with? Almost! We’ve got two post credit scenes, or rather a post-credit scene and a flashback within that scene. Firstly we get to see Sairorg reunited with his previously comatose mother who has made a full recovery! It’s a nice moment and solidifies not only the strength of Sairorg as a supporting character but will no doubt engender Sairorg as a powerful ally for Issei and the Gremory household in future battles.

You get a happy ending, you get a happy ending! Happy endings for everyone!

What does Issei have to do with Sairorg’s mother coming out of a coma? Well it’s all but confirmed by Azazel that Issei’s pailingual (booblingual—where he can talk to women’s breasts) was responsible for bringing her out of a coma.

Eh?! Just go with it, then the episode ends proper with Azazel ‘reminiscing’ about an encounter with a man called Indra (who my research tells me is the King of the Gods and Lord of Heaven) who threatens to kill Issei if he becomes too dangerous. So I guess we’re just setting up an antagonist of sorts for the next arc, not really essential but I guess the show wanted people to know they were thinking ahead to a possible fifth season!

He kinda looks like a ‘douche bro’, tbh…

And will it get a fifth season? I don’t know, it deserves one, I’d love all the Light Novels to be adapted because I still really enjoy these characters and the story and the fan-service, but only time (and DVD/blu-ray sales) will tell whether this was the last DxD season or just the start of a new lease on life. Either way, I enjoyed this series heaps, and Passione (the new animation studio behind the series) did an excellent job!

Look at these rascals! More please!

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