A Sweet Treat With A Dark Centre – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 1 Review

A Sweet Treat With A Dark Centre – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 1

What’s the show? Happy Sugar Life, Episode 1.

And what’s it about? You know how I have a tendency to ‘overstate’ and ‘exaggerate’—some might even say I’m prone to leaping to extreme conclusions in spite of my more reasoned self.

Uh-huh, I have noticed. And what completely irrational and over exaggerated statement are you about to make regarding this anime? This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I know I’ve only been reviewing anime seasonally for a half a year now but ~this~ anime with its combination of cute anime girls and dark subject matter is the twisted, problematic masterpiece I’ve been looking for!

I see you.

Oh yeah? Well what was wrong with the other contenders before this one? This season we had Angels of Death—which is rapidly loosing its way to middling pacing and an obnoxious male lead. Before that was Magical Girl Site which double downed on the misery way too early making even a single episode a miserable experience. The closest I’ve come in the anime I’ve partaken recently is Magical Girl Raising Project which is great, it just took its time having a purpose and seemed to relish killing its most interesting characters right when they were given a backstory which seemed manipulative.

But that’s not the case here? Okay, I’m going to calm down and not sing this show’s praises too loudly, this is just the first episode after all—there’s plenty this show can do to crash and burn. But the way this anime’s first episode unfolds was just doing everything right for me!

They got married ❤

Well let’s get more into that then, what’s it even about for starters? It’s about Satō Matsuzaka a beautiful, popular girl who is the object of attraction to many boys—but she has no interest in anyone else but the love of her life, never mind that they only met a few days ago, she is head over heels in love with a cute little girl named Shio Kōbe! She wants to do anything it takes to keep this girl happy, take on a demanding new job, blackmail her emotionally and sexually abusive boss, even a bit of murder isn’t off the cards for Satō!

She’s polite at least.

Excuse me? Murder?! Well it comes at the end of the episode after she’s finished tucking in Shio, she’s kind of narrating her feelings about love and she enters a locked room in the apartment where the bodies of the apartment’s previous inhabitants are being stored in bloody bags—it’s at this point we learn that not only has she killed them but Shio is a ‘missing’s person’.

So she’s crazy? Maybe, who can say? She’s definitely got a few screws lose, but maybe she’s got good reason for doing what she’s done?

Why are you defending her? Because… well… because I like her… I like her a lot!

Pure love.

Oh? That’s interesting. What’s interesting?

I don’t recall the exact review or post but I remember you saying you never understood people who were ‘enamoured’ with psychopaths and serial killers. I don’t recall that either but it’s an accurate statement—difference here is that 1.) She’s fictional and 2.) She’s a beautiful, charismatic anime girl.

No need to lewd the loli kthnx.

Right, fair enough. So what about this show makes it better than what’s come before, what about it do you like so much? It strikes the balance perfectly between the light and the dark—which is kind of remarkable considering just how potentially dark this story has the potential for turning. It’s an aesthetically pleasing show to look at and the bright and cheery visuals contrast perfectly with the sinister tone and mood. I also love the fact that the show seems to be on her side—or at least presents her objectively to the viewer and allows us to inform an opinion on her character—something which is bound to morph and change as the episodes go on.

Maybe she ran away from an abusive home?

And so who do you recommend Happy Sugar Life for? Not sure, I can’t presume to know if people will like this show as much as I did. But all I can say is go in with an open mind and maybe you’ll find something that piques your interest.

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

9 thoughts on “A Sweet Treat With A Dark Centre – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 1 Review”

  1. I thought it was ok, and the scene with Satou taking down her boss was pretty good, but overall this show is probably too murdery and full of horrible people for me to keep watching it.

    I was kind of hoping, with the konpeito and bottle motif, that they’d have used the same style bottle from Kobato, where a KanaHana character had to help people to have her wish granted. It would have been a funny turnaround.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well you know me. I love for this kind of stuff. Glad others seem to be watching this, was worried it’s fly under the radar.

    Side note, have you not seen School-Live? Was pretty sure you had but if not, that’s a show you should check out some time.

    Liked by 1 person

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