The Actual C-Word – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 2 Review

The Actual C-Word – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 2

What’s the show? Chio’s School Road, Episode 2.

Oh yeah… the show that you proclaimed the best anime of the season precisely one episode into the show… Listen, shut up for a minute, will ya? I’ve got something of vital importance I need to bring to the attention of everyone reading this review who hasn’t watched this episode. There is a single moment of this episode that is so ground breaking that I don’t think even the show itself realises what it’s done. I mean, after all expletives in Japan are kind of hard to come by as it is! So to see the actual c-word in an anime—uncensored too, I was flabbergasted—and as an Australian… and a gamer… absolutely delighted!

Yup! Legit AF!

Right… I, uh… so why exactly are you so enamoured with this? Because it’s so real, this moment was exactly why this series is my favourite—(so far) of this season—for context, Chio again playing Western video games, this time an online shooter when some “foreigner” she was playing against sends her a message. And yup, he calls her a “cunt” and it’s not ‘til she runs it through a translation program that she realises she’s been horribly insulted and so she rages out and keeps fighting against the rude foreigner ‘til the wee hours of the morning!

I know that feel…

I feel like I’m missing something here… Oh come on! There’s nothing quite like finding a shithead of an opponent in an online game and trying your darndest to show them up! But I could talk all day about this part of the episode but this only takes up like less than a minute of this full-length episode! There’s so much to talk about here!

A lot, huh? Should we do a speed round synopsis? Sure why not. So Chio finds herself having to pass by a hard-looking biker dude in a tight alley, she squeezes past, burns herself on the bike’s exhaust pipe, exclaims and draws the ire of the gruff biker. And ~somehow~ she ends up knocking him out, downing his bike and intimidating him so much—through nothing but bluster and roleplaying as ‘Bloody Butterfly’—that he gives up his “pointless” ways and even drives her to school in his last ride.

Badass, yo.

Well then… that’s certainly something… so uh what— Hold up! That’s only 1/3 of the episode!

What?! So much for a speed run… Let me continue then! So, in the second part of the episode Chio and her ‘best friend’ Manana talk about love and life and jealously, until the cool girl Yuki from last episode comes into the scene—mid confession by a handsome boy. They duck away into an alleyway and presuming the ~sexual~ they pursue, only to find Yuki turns the boy down because she’s more interested in a girl(!) and that girl is Chio(!!!) Although she just wants to be friends *winky face*


I feel like you’re waffling around… Ahem, so blah blah blah, Chio and Manana almost kiss, blah blah blah… last part of the episode!

Wait, what? I feel like we missed something impor— Nope! Speed round! Manana uses her connection to Chio as a way to get closer to Yuki, she gloats about her first kiss going to a college guy while she was in middle-school, then they meet one of Yuki’s athletic students—a portly jogger and supposed company president! Things happen in perfect ‘Chio’s School Road’-style, Manana’s kind of a conniving bitch but that’s okay because she’s just as insecure as everyone—including the “company president” who isn’t actually anyone of importance after all and they all live happily ever after.


Man… these reviews are such a trip, yo! Shut up. This show is great and I love it, that’s all I have to say now. You want a more in depth and comprehensive review, then watch the show yourself and make up your own damn mind! End of review!

You want context? Watch the damn show yourself!

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