Re-decorated Heroes – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 13 Review

Re-decorated Heroes – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 13

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 13.

Last week you mentioned you were excited for this weeks slice of life-esque shenanigans as the Class 1A kids moved into on campus dormitories, was your wish granted? More or less! Maybe not quite as funny as I was hoping but it was a light-hearted distraction from the seriousness that had preceded it.

I’ve always wanted to live in a dorm…

So what happened in the episode? Not a lot, basically the kids move into the dorm and spend a day redecorating their rooms then they show off their rooms to one another—judging each other on their style and taste in decorating accordingly. It’s honestly a lot of fun though I think they could have gone further with it, or maybe I was just expecting a lot more crazier rooms. Though we didn’t get to Suu’s, Bakugo’s or Mineta’s room so maybe there’s still some craziness to be seen…

Why weren’t there rooms featured? Well Bakugo was tired/didn’t want to participate, Mineta’s was deemed too creepy just by virtue of him being himself and Suu… well she serves as our emotional core of the episode.

In the bin!

How so? Well, before Midoriya and the others went on their rescue mission Suu made her objections known—she out and out said that if they disobeyed the orders they were given they were no better than the villains. Upon learning (on the day they moved in to the dorms) that they didn’t heed her advice, she was left crestfallen, devastated even—she couldn’t help but think of her words as useless which made herself, as a person feel useless. They made Froppy cry… then I cried… my precious Frog girl!


Kind of not much else to talk about in this episode though is there? I guess not, but that’s okay—previous episodes had arguably too much to talk about, it’s nice to have a little breather!

Sure! That oughta kill 22 minutes!

Which room was your favourite? Oh, uhh, aesthetically speaking I guess Midoriya’s was the funniest reveal—though I kinda wish they’d shown Mineta’s room, I really don’t like the kid but I think it would have been funnier to show his room rather than leave it to the imagination like they did. But then again his room probably looks like how my home office does so I doubt it’d have been that much of a shock!

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  1. From reading around a little, some people interpreted Bakugo’s skipping out as his way of being sensitive to other people’s feelings and staying out of the way because he might ruin the others’ fun. Alternatively, he might still be pondering over what happened with All Might and/or Deku in the recent episodes.

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