Don’t Eat The Yellow Shaved Ice – ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’ Episode 2 Review

Don’t Eat The Yellow Shaved Ice – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Dropkick On My Devil’ Episode 2

What’s the show? Dropkick On My Devil!, Episode 2.

Ah the cutesy cute girl show about torture and murder! Indeed, not to be confused with that other cute girl show about kidnapping and murder!

‘Tis the season, I suppose! Is it?

I don’t know… so what’s happening in this episode? More of the same to be honest… just not quite as much graphic violence as last time—though the episodes first “kill” is pretty damn sadistic! Jaisan-Chan is complaining about the Summer heat, so Yurine strings her up over the bath tub and slowly bleeds her out ‘til she feels “cold” enough.

Brutal AF.

Yikes! But that’s as dark as the episode gets, if anything the rest of the episode is positively ‘upbeat’! Yurine runs into everyone’s (second) favourite fallen angel, Pekora looking a little worse for wear—okay that’s a heck of an understatement, she’s almost starving to death! So Yurine takes her to a curry restaurant and she even buys her seconds!

Someone save this poor fallen angel.

So Yurine is a good person? Yes, despite the fact she’s a ‘witch’ and her sadistic streak towards Jashin not withstanding, Yurine is good to people who are deserving of it—something Pekora has trouble reconciling, considering witches are supposed to be abject enemies of angels. Pekora even prays to god for guidance on what to do about her Yurine, after all how can someone who is ‘bad’ on paper do such selfless and kind things!

Is that a Pop Team Epic reference?!

Shades of grey and all that… more or less, I like that none of the characters are one-dimensional, even Jashin who is considerably ~less~ nuanced gets a bit of characterization here. Her childhood life in hell with Medusa is shown in some detail as well as why the very wholesome Medusa even bothers to hang around with her given her glaring character flaws.

Too pure.

So a good episode then? It’s a bit more low-key and has the benefit of actually leaving Yurine’s apartment for some scenes—there’s even a brief segment set in Akihabara and y’all know how much I love seeing Akihabara in anime! I like that the world is slowly expanding from the very focused and frenetic first episode—we even meet a new character a weird looking snow woman who can make shaved ice on command and flavour it with her bodily fluids, either strawberry or lemon (I’m sure you can guess which fluids). And if the opening and ending credits are anything to go by there’s still a few more characters to be introduced, which is absolutely something this show needs in order for it to feel more like a complete universe and not just a series of sketches with the same five characters.

Anyone else hungry? Me neither.

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Author: Cactus Matt

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Eat The Yellow Shaved Ice – ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’ Episode 2 Review”

  1. This did calm down a bit from the first episode. I’m guessing that Jashin really isn’t going to get less self-centered and abusive of her ‘friends’, tho, because comedy. I can still wish for Medusa and Minos and Pekora to win against her more often tho.

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    1. I guess it depends what you mean by “win”—Jashin may take advantage of their good natures but Jashin will always end up with the worst of it—albeit at Yurine’s hand.


      1. What I mean by ‘win’ is less of Yurine taking it out on Jashin for the others’ sake, and more of them getting the better of Jashin on their own. So Jashin isn’t taking advantage of them, they’re standing up for themselves.

        Liked by 1 person

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