Defying the Protagonist – ‘Steins;Gate 0’ Episode 14 Review

Defying the Protagonist – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Steins;Gate 0’ Episode 14

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 14.

There was a week gap there was it not? Indeed, not sure the reason but I can say for sure absence makes the heart grow fonder! But yes it’s back and for the second cour, we’ve got a slightly revamped OP (the vocals sound cleaner? Or maybe I’m imaging it…) and some of the OP visuals are different—not sure why I’m pointing this out but there it is!

Right, and what’s the episode about? As brief as you can if you please. …what, you got somewhere you need to be?

It’s hard sometimes being a legal loli!

No, it’s just the recapping the events of the episode for the fourteenth episode of a series kinda seems redundant—I’m sure everyone reading this has actually watched the episode before reading this. No not everyone… hi Michel!

Too meta for me… can we get on with the review? Right, so some months have passed between the end of the last episode where Kagiri was ‘triggered’ by a Motzart song and went off mumbling about “the voice of god”. Okabe and the gang can’t find any sign of her and so life more or less returns to normal.

Daru gonna Daru.

Faster! Erm! Suzuha and Daru try to enlist Maho’s help to build a time machine, Mayuri wears a school uniform for reasons(?), Okabe visits Fubuki in hospital and runs into a suspicious Professor Leskinen, a brainwashed Kagiri returns to the lab with the intent to kill Suzuha—she fights her off and gets a cut for her troubles. Amadeus convinces Maho to go back to Japan to help make a time leap device and Maho learns that it’s okay to be Salieri.

Look at these good looking girls, if I play the Visual Novel can I romance any of these girls?

Great, so uh— Things are going to go bad really soon, I can feel it…

And what’s this prediction based upon? Daru, Suzuha and now Maho—they’re all conspiring to build a time leap device behind Okabe’s back and well… he’s the protagonist so obviously he knows best! And us, the audience, knows best too after seeing how much hardship Okabe had to go through back in the original Steins;Gate—there’s no way this is all going to go off flawlessly, bad stuff is coming.

Who knew a little toy would be so important!

So you’re saying never defy the protagonist? More or less, I mean he’s told them trying to mess with time is a terrible idea and with the exception of maybe Maho he is the smartest person in the proverbial room.


So that aside what did you think of the episode? It was great, more or less, the scene with Fubuki in the hospital was suspicious as heck—and not just what Leskinen was doing visiting the director of the hospital but what’s going on with Fubuki in general—I’d hate for her plot line to be a red herring. But it’s the stuff with Maho that was the best; even putting aside my love for character her scenes felt the most emotionally grounded and low-key compelling. Her realisation that she can in-fact forge her own path forward out from Kurisu’s shadow brought a tear to my eye! We’re still a while away from the true ‘end game’ but it feels like we’re picking up steam all the same!


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Author: Cactus Matt

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5 thoughts on “Defying the Protagonist – ‘Steins;Gate 0’ Episode 14 Review”

  1. Haha. Hi! 😀 I was almost tempted to just bingewatch the entire series and giving you a surprise lol😂😂😂 This was so funny: Pretty much the first post I read today and already I start with a smile on my face here 😂😀
    Oh and of course: Hi Irina 😀

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  2. Yes, the making the time machine behind the protagonist’s back doesn’t seem like it will end well. Of course, it kind of does make sense that when the protagonist is being passive the other characters have to lead the action or nothing is going to happen. I just feel bad that all their hard work will ultimately end badly.

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