15 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2018

My 15 Best Anime OP’s (Openings) of the Summer 2018 season!

Another season is upon us which means another massive assortment of OP (Opening) and ED (Ending) songs to listen to an arbitrarily rank! As always this list is purely subjective, though in an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible I have listened to every OP and ED of the season–even of shows I aren’t watching week-to-week in order to give an overview of what I personally think are the best and worst anime songs of Summer 2018. Remember I’m only judging the song not the show! Ordinarily I limit these lists to the top 10 (or even narrow then down to 5) but I don’t know what it is but this season just had an inordinate number of bangers! So let’s get things started with the 15 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2018!

~Number 15~
“Eien no Hitotsu” by Yukari Tamura from Island

From the get-go this song just shouts (or rather calmly and beautifully sings) summertime feelings and good times! It’s just sweet and calm but not in a cloying or boring way!

~Number 14~
“Suripisu” by Hina Kino, Rika Nagae, & Konomi Kohara from Asobi Asobase

Here’s the thing about context, by itself this is a cute and light-hearted song with admittedly amateurish sounding vocals but a pretty cool and up-beat chorus. But in the context of the show this song is amazingly sarcastic… because the girls are nothing like they appear while singing this song and that kind of makes this more amazing… too bad I’m only judging the song and not the show…

~Number 13~
“Bitter Sweet Harmony” by Megumi Nakajima from Miss Caretaker of Sunohara Sou

I’m reminded (positively) of Laid Back Camp’s OP with this one, it’s just pure upbeat fun, kind of hard to fault other than the fact it doesn’t do anything particularly ‘new’ it just does what it does and does it well.

~Number 12~
“Sirius” by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets from Sirius the Jaeger

This song is just cool from beginning to end–not much else to say!

~Number 11~
“Ano Ko ni Dropkick” by Aina Suzuki, Nichika Omori, Miyu Kubota, Yurie Kozakai, Chiaki Omigawa, Rico Sasaki, & Riho Iida from Dropkick on My Devil!

I just love all the different levels to this song and yes, there is a somewhat gimmicky element of the song by having the characters talk to each other during the OP but it’s used in such a way that it doesn’t really interfere with how awesome sounding this song is–that driving drum beat that underlines the ‘heavier’ parts of the song is just so good. Plus I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the cutesy mid-song break which is just adorable.

~Number 10~
“One Room Sugar Life” by Akari Nanawo from Happy Sugar Life

A truly great OP can communicate the tone of the show it’s attached to, even without the visual accompaniment, and this is certainly a perfect example of this, it’s got the cute and upbeat vocals but with a kind of anxiety-driven and sinister musical accompaniment. Plus it’s just a great track!

~Number 9~
“Danger in my Tsūgakuro” (Danger in My School Commute) by Naomi Ōzora, Chiaki Omigawa, & Kaede Hondo from Chio’s School Road

Now here’s a song that just rocks, there’s something very old school about it too which is fun–but of course the vocals are very distinctly Japanese (as expected as it’s sung by the main girls of the show) but there’s no denying it’s a damn cool track!

~Number 8~
“Utsushiyo no Yume” (A Dream of the Temporal World) by Nano from Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits

The first OP for Kakuriyo was a sublime masterpiece, not just among the best OP’s of the Spring 2018 anime season but just a fantastic track–so imagine my horror at learning that another band would even dare replace such a flawless track! Obviously this song isn’t as good as the first OP but to my surprise it’s actually really really great in a whole bunch of different ways than the first one while not completely disregarding that ancient Japanese sound (but just updating it ever-so slightly).

~Number 7~
“Eien Shōnen” (Forever Boys) by Yui Ogura from Music Girls

I’d be lying if I didn’t say a lot of the reason I love this song is that it’s absolutely my aesthetic when it comes to anime OP’s… it could practically be the theme song for Cute Girls Doing Cute Things as a genre!

~Number 6~
“One Unit” by Minami from Planet With

An amazing high energy track–but what else would you expect from Minami?

~Number 5~
“Braver” by Straightener from Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Man this song has so much emotion to the vocals even though I have no idea what he’s saying (and that’s fine). It kind of reminds me of a lot of the early 2000’s Western alt rock I listen to and that’s absolutely a good thing. I mean I’m all about anime and everything Japanese but I still love my Western music… I can’t quite pinpoint who I think this sounds like but I know I love it.

~Number 4~
“Futari no Hane” by YURiKA from Hanebado!

I don’t even know why I love this song so much, but I do… actually I know exactly what it is it’s that fractured chorus. Man, I could listen to this song all day… but we’ve still got more songs that are better than this!

~Number 3~
“VORACITY” by MYTH & ROID from Overlord III

Any OP that has the balls to be this batshit wild from the get-go deserves all the praise. It’s like a gothic hybrid of the Inspector Gadget theme song and it just pushes all the right buttons for me. “Very very crazy” indeed!

~Number 2~
“Heading to Over” by OLDCODEX from Free! Dive to the Future

Why do all the shows I have absolutely zero interest in have such badass openings? I mean this song is actual ~metal~ and as an ex-metalhead (kind of) I just kind of wish a cute girl show would go full metal for once… (actually never mind, it happened in the ED list for this season and I was deliriously happy about it, you’ll see soon enough!) Back on topic, yeah, what else can I say other than this song makes me want to watch buff anime boys swimming in a pool…

~Honourable Mention~
“Mission! Ken – Kō – Dai – Ichi” (Mission! Health First) by Kana Hanazawa, Tomoaki Maeno, Daisuke Ono, & Kikuko Inoue from Cells At Work!

Gosh this song is cute! So why in the ‘Honourable Mention’s and not the list proper? Well, it kind of doesn’t really work as a song without the context of the show… it fits it perfect but it’s also very situational a great OP but not really a great song by itself. Makes it hard to rate objectively hence the ‘Honourable Mention’!

~Number 1~
“found & lost” by Survive Said The Prophet from Banana Fish

If you’ve been following along with these lists throughout the months you’ll know that I’ve gone through many musical phases throughout my life and while the different genres that I’ve listened to never truly leave my playlist the songs that seldom get the skip are the songs from my ’emo’ phase. And hearing this OP it was like I was 17 again and with all the angst and self-loathing and bad relationship decisions that came with it. I’m definitely getting an early Senses Fail vibe from this song and that’s absolutely a good thing. I never said these lists would be impartial–just comprehensive.


And there we have the Top 15 OP’s of the Summer 2018 anime season! Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you thought of the OP’s from this season! And stay tuned for 3 more Summer 2018 anime lists coming soon, the Best ED’s, the Worst OP’s and the Worst ED’s!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

9 thoughts on “15 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2018”

  1. I really like the ending song from Angels of Death (wish the same could be said for the show itself lol).
    Oh..and I like number 4 as well (Yes I finally started watching Hanebado, and I really like it 😊)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha…yes, it was pretty much inevitable.Though I haven’t quite decided fully if I am going to be dropping it, there is a high chance that I will 😊
        And yes, definitely…was pretty surprised at the one if I’m honest 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m 3/4 convinced that the only reason they have Yukari Tamura in Island is so that they could have her sing all those songs for the show. It’s not as bad as Miki Itou as the lead girl in Shuffle (one of the most obvious miscasts in anime history), but it’s still a reach for her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t know if it didn’t make your list because you listened to it and didn’t like it, or because you hadn’t heard it, but I actually think you might like the OP for Aguu: Tensai Ningyou. It’s not really a show that anyone seems to know about, although I rather like the creepy but not scary, atmosphere of the show.

    Liked by 1 person

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