Supernatural Ping Pong Girls – ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’ Episode 2 Review

Supernatural Ping Pong Girls – An Anime QandA Review of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Episode 2

What’s the show? Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Episode 2.

Ah… more hot springs harem shenanigans, you must be in pervert heaven? Wow, not even wasting any time with the insults here, huh?

Well this isn’t like DxD where there was a pretext of a plot, this out and out service from beginning to end, isn’t it? Oh how wrong you are! This episode serves as our proper introduction to our female supporting cast (minus one who will show up next week) and proves that they aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces—among other things—but they can more than hold their own in a fight! And it’s some genuinely well-animated fight scenes too! So you hold your tongue before you go criticising this show, this has more in common with DxD than just boobs and butts!

Don’t mess with this loli.

Oh I know… I did read your review of the manga after all (bit hard not to given I was the one asking the questions). Then why start off which such harsh criticisms if you knew they were unfounded?!

I don’t know, got to keep myself entertained somehow? Tch!

So for the benefit of the audience and those reading who are still undecided about whether to watch this series, tell me who these supporting girls are and what their powers are and why I should even care? First into the fray is Sagiri, a demon slaying ninja from an ancient clan! She has some pretty cool abilities like being able to have her ninja throwing knives multiply in numbers to appear more intimidating (as well as herself too). Next is Nonoko a badass Oni (ogre) with strength to match that only gets more powerful the more alcohol she drinks! Third there’s Yaya, a shy cat-girl who is possessed by a cat god and uses this massive creature to fight for her when the need arises! And finally is Chitose, the inn-keeper and a spirit of good-fortune who can use her ability to alter the fortune of others—but it’s a potentially lethal ability as giving someone luck in the here and now can use up all that persons’ luck for the rest of their life!

A warm welcome!

Okay fine, I admit they sound like interesting characters with useful abilities. I sense a “but” coming, and not just a ghost butt out of the wall like last episode.

But, doesn’t having all these strong women in a harem situation, fawning over a dude kind-of mitigate their ‘strong’ status? First of all, that’s probably sexist. Secondly, the only two who are “fawning” as you so archaically put it, are our protagonist Yuuna and even then it’s incidental—the relationship is “friends with accidental benefits” and Nonoko, but that’s because she’s a man-hungry flirt and is drunk most the time. The others don’t want to deal with him at all really, in fact Sagiri and Yaya petition for him to be exiled from the Hot Springs Inn!

I mean how do you introduce yourself to new people?

Oh? That’s right! And the way tenancy disputes are handled ‘round Yuragi Inn—table tennis matches, winner takes all, loser does whatever the winner wants!

Seems legit. I’ll admit, this scene was kind of averagely animated—I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘disappointing’ but it was close. The humour and the ‘point’ of the scene was executed efficiently enough (and I mean that as a negative) but there was no real sense of action or movement to the scene. Still it resolved things.

Precious ghost.

How were things resolved, what was the outcome? A panty shot.

Beg your pardon? ~Well~ turns out Yuuna’s ‘poltergeist’ abilities (i.e. making things float and fly with the power of her mind) are only activated when she’s embarrassed, which as you can imagine make winning Ping Pong a breeze. That is until she runs out of ‘memories’ of being embarrassed and has to make some new ones, so she lifts up her kimono and asks Kogarashi to look. Game, set and match!

That’s one way to win at table tennis…

Sure, why not. So some stilted animation aside you’re still obviously really enjoying this show? Absolutely, and I probably won’t make mention of this again since most ‘undecided’ watchers will probably stop reading at this point but I do honestly think there’s a lot more than just fan-service to be enjoyed out of this show. Obviously there’s a lot of that too, but if you can tolerate it and if you want a mild Shonen-style action series with great characters an interesting and occasionally emotive story and a very likable pair of protagonists than I say give it a go!

I mean… there’s worse ways to wake up I suppose?

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