Amateur Shotagraphy – ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 3 Review

Amateur Shotagraphy – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 3

What’s the show? Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou, Episode 3.

So what’s happening in this episode? We get a better look at the supporting characters in this harem and the various fetishes that each of these girls possess.

I don’t know what I was expecting… I kinda of appreciate the fact that not only are we getting to know these other girls more—I mean to the point where our big busted Caretaker Ayaka has less than a couple of lines the whole episode—it’s very much about the other girls. And honestly I kinda love them all, and for more complex reasons than you might be thinking!

All right, since this episode is all about these 3 supporting characters let’s go through them one-by-one! Yes, let’s!

Those shorts tho…

So the first one? That’d be the petite loli High School President Yuzu—she’s pretty cute even though she’s got that tsun vibe, she’s also pretty insecure despite her bluster. In this episode she decides to read shoujo manga in Aki’s room because it’s cooler (temperature) than hers. Things escalate when Aki gets curious about what she’s reading and so she sits in his lap to allow him to read over her shoulder. Then, seeing a similar situation literally play out in her romantic manga she gets flustered and runs away!


Fair enough. And the second-girl? Perhaps the most emotionally unstable—Sumire, she actually has little to no interest in Aki, she’s entirely besotted with Yuzu! After a negative experience at an amusement park where Yuzu is denied entry to a roller coaster due to not meeting the minimum height requirements—which Sumire blames herself for. She resigns herself to her darkened bedroom to sulk and feel sorry for herself. So Aki dresses in drag (don’t ask) and enters her room in an attempt to cheer her up? And what transpires next can only be described as a very specific fetish brought to life.

Is that you Tippy?!

I’m honestly terrified to ask, but go ahead! Well, Sumire immediately sees through the ruse, but as we learn earlier in the episode Sumire is totally into cute things, and so she’s at least more receptive to Aki’s charms since she looks a bit like her petite crush. So Sumire gets Aki to undress her(!) while she lies motionless in bed and then once re-dressed Sumire gives Aki a piggy-back rise and then all is well again…

That’s… both surprisingly strange and unexpectedly chaste. I never said it was otherwise, just very specific.

Yes, listen to cheap imitation Ram and get in the cosplay!

Right. And the third girl? Yup, it’s Yuri—the most low-key of the three girls whose particular kink becomes abundantly apparent as Aki is invited into her room. See, she’s into cosplay—specifically Aki being dressed in the cutest female outfits (that she makes herself) and we’re treated to a Shota-tastic montage of this cute boy in cute costumes. Which is as much her fetish as it is a section of this shows viewers.

I feel conflicted…

Not you then? That’s a bit personal isn’t it?

Really?! Mr Cute Girls Fanservice Loli Harem Ecchi doesn’t want to disclose whether he’s also into Shota? I’m not adverse to it—I certainly see the appeal, after all cute knows no gender, especially in anime! But generally speaking I’m straight so it doesn’t interest me as much.

I ah… I need an adult…

Fair play. So what do you think of this episode on the whole? It’s honestly great—it’s funnier than any episodes that have come before and it establishes all these supporting characters so well that I’ve actually started rooting for romances other than those between Aki and Ayaka! So kudos to the show for pulling that off so flawlessly. What’s more is that it actually feels like a show that has some staying potential now, which I’m glad for because I feel like there’s a lot of potential for this show to fill a very specific aesthetic and tonal hole left by Slow Start in Winter 2018 and Comic Girls in Spring 2018. Something it’s shaping up to do nicely!

Happy family!

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Author: Cactus Matt

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3 thoughts on “Amateur Shotagraphy – ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 3 Review”

  1. This episode was so much GJ-bu. The whole thing with Yuzu was almost exactly beat perfect copy. And it worked pretty well with Aki in this show reacting differently than Kyoro does in GJ-bu. There aren’t really analogs for Sumire and Yuri in GJ-bu, but it was still like something that show would do with those types of characters. I thought their two interests were maybe a little cliched, a little too easy to pull off, actually. I would have liked to see more exploration of how they actually are, rather than just through this filter of their kink.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess the problem with not seeing as much anime as you have (or specific ones) is that I don’t really have that much to compare to do I thought it was pretty fresh and interesting.


      1. It was very interesting, although as I said I kind of wish that especially Yuri was a little less common. But I’m definitely not dinging this show for being similar to another show I watched and enjoyed, and which few other people watched. And part of the problem with comparing to GJ-bu is that the characters in that show were all *really* weirdos, significantly outside of what most folks would think are usual characters.

        Liked by 1 person

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