The Sound of One Hand Clapping – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 3 Review

The Sound of One Hand Clapping – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 3

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 3.

I can’t believe you committed to another weekly anime review… I’m a glutton for punishment, or cute girls… or maybe both…

Right. Also there’s something you want to clear up before we get on with this review right? Yes indeed. In my Episode 1 & 2 review I sarcastically referred to the show as “Music Girls is an incisive dig into the cutthroat world of Japanese idols told from an outsiders perspective, with all the bitchy backstabbing and conniving treachery you’d see in a season of an American soap or reality TV program!” without really realising that sarcasm doesn’t really come across that well in text and especially not in the context of that review which was—if I’m 100% honest—written under the influence of a couple or 5 alcoholic beverages. Why is this an issue, ~well~ maybe some people thought I was selling the show as something interesting when it’s actually not. So I just thought I should clear that up, this show is not “an incisive dig” into anything—well maybe a little if you squint.

Don’t you know wearing headphones is the universal symbol for ‘leave me alone’?

So how drunk are you while writing this review? Do I need to get a breathalyser? I am not drunk, at all actually—though I am still recovering from a cold. Not that it matters; can we get to the actual review please?

Fair enough! So what happens in this episode? Seems like this series is going to follow a bit of a format as each week we’ll get to know some of the titular Music Girls a little better. Last week was… oh god; do you actually think I remember any of these girls’ names? *frantically googles*

There’s some cute and interesting shots in this show.

I’ll wait here… so professional… geez! Right, so first episode was mostly our vocally challenged protagonist Hanako, second episode was mostly Sasame and Uori and this episode is predominantly Hiyo and Eri. It’s a tried and true format but one that works well. There was a bit of a narrative disconnect between the two featured in the last episode but this one integrates the introduction of introverted music lover and all-round genius girl Hiyo and the group’s songwriter and perfectionist Eri in a much more seamless and naturalistic way.

Turns out it was inside us all along, it’s called ‘friendship’!

And are they good girls? …what a thing to ask me… I barely know these girls!

I mean do you like their characters, are they interesting? Interesting enough, Eri seems pretty cool and down-to earth but Hiyo is definitely the focus of the episode and so is afforded with a lot more character development—also I can totally relate to her being ‘troubles’ of being the smartest person in a room and just being fed up with other people’s “noise” as to why she’s always wearing headphones and listening to music.

Eri is a bit of a pefectionist too.

Wow. Some ego on you! Come now, everybody has felt like that at one point or another, surely!

Sure sure… so, uh I guess the big question is… is the episode any good? It’s perfectly serviceable entertainment and I enjoyed looking at cute girls for 24 minutes. I had a couple of chuckles (some unintentional—like when they just straight up started singing in a children’s playground) but even though the show’s not really doing much of anything I still find myself inexplicably drawn to this series. And it’s not just the cute girls either, there’s something endearing and low-key about this C-list idol unit, even though they seem to somehow make enough money to not be at school and live in a big house together and have an agent… whatever! I don’t know how these things work, maybe this is realistic, or maybe this show is just dumb fun, either way, dumb fun is still fun!

This scene made me laugh too, such an (unintentionally) silly show.

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Author: Cactus Matt

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4 thoughts on “The Sound of One Hand Clapping – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 3 Review”

  1. Hah! I didn’t think you needed to put a whole ‘nother explanation of it in this post. I was just commenting on it because biting deadpan sarcasm is kinda far from your usual tone, so I didn’t even think to read it that way. 🙂

    This episode was pretty standard stuff. Follow a character, have them have some epiphany, yay everyone’s happy. I actually like that Hanako is NOT trying to be an idol. It gives the show a rather unique perspective. “I *want* to be an office lady who supports other people!” is not a usual protagonist mindset.

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