The Shape of Love – ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 4 Review

The Shape of Love – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 4

What’s the show? Seven Senses of the Re’Union, Episode 4.

So, the show about the dead girl who’s not dead but alive in a computer game, yeah? That’s the one!

So what happens in this episode? Not a lot to be honest–it’s kind of doing something I thought it might but kinda hoped it wouldn’t… or rather hoped it would do better.

And what’s that exactly? Love triangle, or is it a love square? Whatever shape it is, it’s definetly not a 3-dimensional shape that’s for damn sure!

“Is this a meme?”

Scathing! And I don’t even mean to be, I like this show a lot, more than probably a lot of people watching it but the central ~mystery~ of how a girl who died 6 years ago in real life can be alive and kicking in a computer game is inherently compelling. And at the start of the episode I thought we were going to begin exploring that as Asahi finds a red shard that upon touching it fills her (as well as Haruto and Satsuki who are standing beside her) with a flood of random ‘memories’ that Asahi is quick to attribute to “where she’s been the last 6 years”.

I’ve said it before but this show has some really nice shots.

So she’s not dead then? Well at the very least it’s maybe where her brain/memories have been. But ’tis but a tease as we have to go into love-triangle territory with Satsuki getting jealous about every bit of attention Haruto is showing Asahi–even if it’s from a completely innocent, non-romantic place! And what’s especially annoying is Satsuki is a good character with a decent amount of depth but then she’s stymied by these ‘shitty romance’ tropes that present her in a completely unsympathetic way. And they’re not even consistent with it either, one minute she’s clenching her fists and shouting in a restaraunt (in the real world, when Haruto and Satsuki are having lunch together) and the next scene she’s more or less fine.

Is that a lower-case ‘h’ or a giraffe on his shirt?

Doesn’t she have every right to be jealous though, especially if she has feelings for Haruto? No. Or rather, there’s better ways to go about it, I know they’re just stupid teenagers and I shouldn’t be coming into this with my wise (ha!) opinions on relationships but if Satsuki wants Haruto to know how she feels just talk to the guy! And I mean of course she’s going to dote on Asahi more than her, he’s thought she was dead for the last 6 years and he blamed himself for his death, that’s not something that’s easily compartmentalised!

Don’t mess with them!

I suppose so. But wait; didn’t you say this was perhaps a ‘love square’? Where’s the extra corner? That would come in the form of Takanori, who has appeared a couple of times up until now but has been kind of peripheral. He’s got the hots for Asahi—big time! And so he and his guild are going to cause some trouble for Haruto, who he deems unworthy of being by her side and the episode ends with them about to go head-to-head in a one-on-one fight!

He’s incredibly bland!

Exciting? Eh, it’s okay; it’s at least more interesting than people getting huffy that a boy isn’t paying enough attention to them. But to be honest the whole “romance” aspect of this show is really kind of cliché and tired and this is coming from someone who has seen hardly any romance anime’s, so my experience with this genre is already pretty limited! I know they’ll be intermittently focusing on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Asahi’s existence in later episodes throughout, but it’s pretty clear they are going to stretch it out by having a lot of semi-uninteresting ‘romance’-type stuff in between. Oh well, at least the characters are cute and it’s a pretty show to look at!

Cool magic tho.

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