Attack of the Perverted Plushies – ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’ Episode 3 Review

Attack of the Perverted Plushies – An Anime QandA Review of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Episode 3

What’s the show? Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Episode 3.

And what kind of “sexy” shenanigans are gotten up to in the hot springs harem this week? I don’t like that you’ve put “quotation” marks around that… what exactly are you suggesting?

That not everyone might find these specific shenanigans “sexy” and I’m in agreement with them maybe? Well obviously, you’re the dissenting voice of opposition in these reviews, of course you’re not going to agree with me, but there’s no need to be passive aggressive about it…

Fine, so what’s this episode like? It’s the sexiest episode yet!


*facepalm* What? You set it up I just knocked it down!

Please, just, be normal for once. For my sanity and your readers patience. Fine! So as a reader of the manga I knew both how important this episode would be to the show’s quality and longevity as well as establishing a certain tone. And for the most part this episode hit all the beats I was hoping it too, so kudos for that!

I sense a but? Well if you insist!

One but(t).

*sigh* Okay, I’ll stop! The problem with being acquainted with the source material is you can’t help but wonder what could have been, but at the same point I totally get from a budgetary standpoint, why they changed the big fight towards the end. But I’m skipping ahead; I should talk about the rest of the episode first.

Please do. So it’s the day of Kogarashi’s entrance ceremony at High School and he’s very excited, having spent his elementary years being possessed by bronze statues and anatomy models and his middle school years in gruelling psychic medium training all he wants is a ~normal~ high school experience. Of course, normal doesn’t come easy for an exorcist, especially one whose being followed around by a klutz of a ghost named Yuuna who’s prone to poltergeist-esque outbursts. On his first day he’s accused of lifting up the dress of the cutest girl in class (it was Yuuna) and takes the blame for Yuuna levitating everything and everyone in the room—he outright says to his class he’s a psychic medium with a ghost for a friend and is met with laughter from his classmates. All but one classmate, Chisaki Miyazaki, the girl whose skirt Yuuna lifted.

Good thing no one else but Kogarashi can see her or this might get embarassing… more so.

Does she hate him for being a pervert? Well~ she’s conflicted, she’s wary of him—being that he’s obviously up to no-good what with being a boy and whatnot, but she’s having supernatural issues of her own—the plush toys in her room are possessed and fly around her room at night! So being the chivalrous ghost-buster that he is he accompanies Chisaki back to her place and well…


Let me guess… “sexy shenanigans?” More or less. Though it’s Yuuna who’s mostly to blame as her poltergeist ability plays up after being frightened and sends the two into the air then landing on her bed, with him in a precarious position with an ‘interesting’ view. She throws them out but it’s all part of the plan (apparently).

Toy Story 4: Hentai Edition

What’s the plan? So her plush toys are haunted but they’re being controlled remotely from a distant source, so Yuuna and Kogarashi wait ‘til night fall to see if the toys strike again—they do, and with force tearing Chisaki’s clothes off. Rescuing Chisaki from the demonic plushies the three of them follow the spirit lines and track them back to a cloaked figure lurking in the park. The cloaked figure throws a leaf at the trio—which transforms into a hulking demon. But Kogarashi being the one-punch kind of exorcist defeats the demon with one swift punch to the top of the head—unlike in the manga where he does a significantly cooler punch right through the beasts stomach. Guess it was cheaper to just have the demon punched in the head and whole-body disintegrate? Oh well.

This almost seems like it’s from a completely different show!

And who’s the cloaked figure some random pervert no doubt? Well certainly a different type of pervert than we might be used to. It’s actually a 10 year-old Tanuki girl called Koyuzu from a secretive and highly disciplined clan that are suppose to integrate themselves into Japanese society though shape-shifting except she’s not very good at shape-shifting so she took to stalking to get a better look at the ‘perfect female form’, specifically breasts—which she’s utterly obsessed with, perhaps even more than Issei from High School DxD!

This tanuki loli like boobs… a lot.

…Right. And this is all just accepted and things more or less move along do they? Pretty much, Kogarashi invites Koyuzu to Yuragi-inn where there’s a brief montage of the little Tanuki girl enjoying an all-you-can-grope buffet of oppai. It’s pretty cute to be honest.

Like, really a lot.

Only you could think something like that is “cute”. I don’t think so, the irlwaifu agreed too, the consensus that I’ve come to regarding this series (at least based on what of the manga I’ve read and the three episodes that have so far been adapted) is that this is a series that strikes the balance perfectly between being ‘perverted’ and being ‘sweet’—it’s naughty but wholesome at the same time. It’s got the harem shenanigans but the heart and soul to back it up. Hopefully things can keep progressing as they are because this is pretty much the adaptation I was hoping it would be!

It may seem like a simple gesture but for Kogarashi, recieving a gift of snacks from Chisaki when he’s spent his whole life poor and/or homeless was very important to him. And he doesn’t hesitate to share them with Yuuna too. What a guy!

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