Is Giving Birth To Yourself Possible? – ‘ISLAND’ Episode 5 Review

Is Giving Birth To Yourself Possible? – An Anime QandA Review for ‘ISLAND’ Episode 5

What’s the show? ISLAND, Episode 5.

So after last week’s episode delivered a lot in terms of forward plot momentum (or at least character momentum for Karen) does Island repeat that this episode? That’s a very specific question for you, but yes and no… this episode is very much Sara focused—our shrine tending big-haired loli, and well… let’s just say this episode has me proclaiming Sara as very much the most pure absolute best-girl of the series!

Ahem… no comment.

You’re so flippant with your picks for ‘best girl’ but whatever, your choice. So what happens in this episode? Dare I say, the ~illusion~ of forward plot momentum but in actuality what we have is a sizable chunk of character development for Sara. At first, Sara is under the impression that due to time-travel shenanigans she in her own mother—a concept so mind-boggling difficult to comprehend that even a full chalkboard of manic notes and flow-charts can’t make sense of it (and trust me, Setsuna and Rinne try). Sara is also convinced that Setsuna is supposed to be her love/father and this incest just got forth dimension didn’t it?

Well, uh… I mean, what?!

Yikes, that’s uh— I know what you’re thinking but, as it turns out, Sara isn’t a time traveller nor is she her own mother. Turns out her backstory is a lot simpler, but a lot darker—one that, upon learning, she decides to take her own life rather than live with the trauma of what her ancestors did in the past to secure the family name.

Serious business, what did they do? Maybe you should just watch the episode for yourself, I mean it’s far more impactful to see it all for yourself.

Worth pausing.

You’re seriously telling people to ‘watch it for themselves’ this late in the game? Besides this doesn’t do much for consistency in your reviews where last week you outlaid the episode beat-for-beat and this time you’re being all coy about spoilers! Listen, you make a good point but at the end of the day, sometimes I feel being analytic over every narrative beat to the point of over-saturation and sometimes I’m content to just let it slide. Suffice to say that Sara’s character arc is not only rich and satisfying but also emotional and cathartic. And Setsuna remains loyal to the end, endearing us further to his character and whatever ‘romance’ does end up eventuating between him and the girls.

Gotta catch ‘dem sea snakes somehow! 😉

Ugh. Hey! Sara is 17 as of this episode that makes her… I don’t know, probably legal? Believe it or not I’m not well versed in the age of consent in Japan, but despite her child-like looks I still ship them—even if he’ll probably end up with Rinne by the end of it. Whenever that end takes place.


By which you’re referring to time-travel, I assume? What’s the state of that after this episode seeing as the time-travel business was mostly debunked—at least from Sara’s narrative? I honestly don’t know, and that’s what makes this series so compelling, it could still go either way! There’s plenty of mysticism and old island rituals, mixed in with the science-fiction undertones that could end up with this series falling into either—or both territories! But ultimately—as interesting as the underlining story is it’s the characters that will keep me coming back episode after episode.

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