Awards Tag – Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

Awards Tag – Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

Been a while since you’ve done one of these, eh? An award tag? Yeah… almost like nobody is nominating me…

Ahem I mean us.

You’re kidding of course? Of course, after all seems like most of the bloggers I follow are too busy producing really high quality content. Like seriously so many good ‘essay’ style posts out there, kinda makes my episodic reviews feel a bit lackluster by comparison…

Enough feeling sorry for youself you have an award tag to do! Oh right!

So what’s this one and who nominated you? It’s The Brotherhood of the World blogging award! And I was nominated by Irina!

Great, and I take it there are some rules before we get down to the meat of the post? Yup:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the questions sent to you.
3. Nominate around 10 others.
4. Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

Cool, and now for Irina’s questions, yeah? Mmhmm! And they’re good ones too (it’s most of the reason I’m doing this tag in the first place!)

1. Who’s the last anime character you identified with and why?

This was a hard one to answer, I don’t think I’ve ever fully identified with an anime character, rather I gravitate towards portions of their personality. The more I thought about it though the more I kept coming back to Kazuki Kazumi from the Grisaia series–specifically in Eden of Grisaia. I really relate to her deadpan sense of humour, her calm nature under pressure, her logical mind and her vaguely perverted outlook. Also, like her, I too am a genius whose mind is being used by a corrupt government to power an all-knowing super computer. What? It could be true, as far as you know!

2. Is there an anime universe you would want to live in?

Another tough question but for different reasons, I thought about the life I have now and where I’d ~ideally~ like to live, the answer to that question is my life is pretty good but I’d always like to live in Japan. However, I could pick any ol’ slice of life show to live in and then “BAM” I’d be in Japan–but that hardly makes for the most compelling answer now does it? Plus my life would more or less be the same as it is now just with extra Otaku. So instead, I pick the ‘Konosuba’ anime universe! Why? Because I get to be an adventurer in a fantasy world that’s ~vaguely~ threatening but not really plus there’s that kinky succubus club I could visit whenever I felt like it.

3. I hope you answered the last question – what would your job be in that universe?

I know I said adventurer, but let’s face it–I’d probably be a bartender or something… unless I get to be a woman in that other world! In which case I’d *censored* all the *censored* and then *censored* the *censored*!

4. Who would you like to do a collab with (real or imaginary)

Do you mean “collaborate” in the physical sense? Because I’ve got a list of waifus who I’d like to do the ‘horizontal collab’ with? …Oh you mean on my blog, ahahaha… why didn’t you say so… ahem… I could collab with any of the vaguely ‘writer’ types, maybe someone like Futaba from Persona 5… oh wait I’m still thinking of the ‘horizontal collab’ aren’t I….

5. Is there a character trait (physical or personality) that you always love to see?


And so that’s the five questions… man you have some issues… This is true.

So what now, don’t you have to nominate some people and come up with your own questions? Probably, but I’m gonna cheat and just say whoever I nominate can answer Irina’s questions instead–can’t be bothered coming up with questions of my own!

Fair enough… I suppose… so who are you nominating? I’ve got a few people in mind (not 10 though, that’s a crazy number, I’ll settle for 5)… though if you don’t want to participate feel free to ignore this! I don’t mind!

We done now? I got places to be… Sure you do. Thanks for reading, hope these answers weren’t too awkward (but let’s face it, you’re pretty much all expecting these kind of answers from me at this point…)

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

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  1. Lol, that final answer was classic 😂😂 You made a great post out of this one! I think I said this a bunch of times now, but it’s jsut amazing that you manage to even write these tag posts in you question and answer format. 😀

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