An Idol Without Makeup – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 4 Review

An Idol Without Makeup – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 4

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 4.

Ah… this show… What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Well, you know… it’s just kind of not that interesting that all… Who’s the one doing the review here, huh? You ask the questions and I’ll tell you whether this episode was interesting or not!

Fine, fair point. So what was this episode about? You know how there’s like makeup vloggers on Youtube who do tutorials on how to do makeup and stuff? (I mean I barely know about it but that’s all second-hand information as it is). Well this is like an anime version of that… or at least how I imagine them to be…

I see, and— And oh my god I just wanted it to end!

Shupe with makeup.

Ouch, that bad, huh? Okay, ~maybe~ I’m not being completely fair, it wasn’t all make-up related, maybe 90%. And we did get a nice bit of character development for Shupe—the darker skinned girl from Okinawa. Also I really honestly did appreciate the fact that it showed how different she looked without makeup… I could be wrong as I’ve got limited experience with Idol show but that seems like something that’s kind of rare in anime—even if none of the other girls were subjected to the same treatment or looked sufficiently different with or without make-up.

Shupe without makeup.

Right… so uh— My god I just couldn’t care less about make-up, like at all. Which would be fine if this show wasn’t targeted at me, a male—but it is and that’s what’s so crazy about this. Like we get the teases of fan-service and cute girls doing cute things and Antonio Gonzales Almodovar—

—Wait, who?! Oh that’s glasses girl’s pet lobster, that’s his name, probably the biggest unexpected laugh out of the episode. Sadly that happens about 3 minutes in so the rest of the episode is a bit of a drag to get through.

So you really didn’t like this episode huh? It’s not that I didn’t like it, the girls were all great, there were lots of cute moments and bits of character development and the occasional bitchy comment to one-another—which is always appreciated. But my god, the stuff about make-up just was so incredibly boring… I mean, I guess kudos to the show for addressing something as intrinsically important to the Idol industry as the need for make-up but I just really couldn’t give a shit.

This was a funny moment though.

Fair enough, I suppose. So, uh, where does this leave you regarding the show? Nowhere different then last week to be honest, I still enjoy the concept and the characters, it’s got a charming low-key, underdog vibe and a visual aesthetic that I’m forever drawn towards. An episode like this, as occasionally mind-numbing as it was isn’t going to change my opinions on the show, give me all the cute girls anime, give me them now!

And the photo-shoot turned out fine! Wait, what do you mean I didn’t even mention the plot of the epis—

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