Police Sexuality – ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’ Episode 4 Review

Police Brutality – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Dropkick On My Devil’ Episode 4

What’s the show? Dropkick On My Devil!, Episode 4.

So what happens in this episode, if I recall you were getting kinda bored with the premise of this show—or rather hoped it would “shake things up a little”, has it done so? You know, I put off watching this episode a day or two longer than I usually would have—that’s how prepared I was to drop this show. Not because it did anything ~wrong~ perse just that it wasn’t doing anything particularly interesting and then guess what happened?

What happened? It went and did something interesting!

Is it a bear?

Oh? Well I’ll try and not over-exaggerate things, it didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, but at least delivered an enjoyable experience that didn’t seem quite so shackled to the tired-formula that was already developing last episode. And what’s even more surprising is not only did it try its hand at a bit of world-building, and character development and introducing new characters but it also managed to pull each of these new/improved facets of with minimal fuss.

Police brutality!

Impressive. So what were all those “new and improved” things? Firstly the show gets an automatic big tick of approval for starting off in Akihabara… it’s as if this show knew the fastest route to my heart and tapped right into it. The scene with the gachapon was not only delightfully reminiscent of my own experiences with the capsule toy machines but somehow even managed to make Jashin-Chan vaguely relatable as a character. There was also a brilliant streak of surreal humour that starts in this part of the episode and continues more-or-less most of the way through the episode which was appreciated as a contrast to the usual sadistic over-the-top kind of comedy this show revels in.

Is that f**ing Nicolas Cage?!

And the other things? A new character, and she’s cute and funny and utterly deranged. She’s a police officer named Mei Tachibana, working the beat in Akiba who arrests Jashin-Chan because she wants her for her own. And in her brief introductory scene manages to be more intimidating and more of a threat to Jashin-Chan’s well being than Yurine has in the previous 3 episodes! Also, not ~quite~ sure if she’s a lesbian or just has a things for snake girls but I can totally relate to that!

Clearly best girl, amirite?

And that’s a good thing, is it? Well it’s ~different~ which as you may remember was what I was craving out of this show. And that’s pretty much the name of the game in this episode, ‘being different’—even if it is slight, it’s still noticeable. The varied humour, the breadth of reactions, the almost (dare I say) Family Guy-esque cutaways, it all added up to a much more interesting viewing experience! I won’t go as far as to say this show is completely redeemed, what with the ending segment with Medusa being as much a tease of ‘progression’ as it was a statement of retaining the same ol’ ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’-style that it’s been the past few weeks. But and this is a big “but” I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and not even on a subversive level—just plain good ol’ fashion enjoyment. Here’s hoping the show can commit to this more laid back and whimsical humour style while continuing to introduce new and interesting characters and comedic scenarios with unexpected punch lines!

A snake never sheds its true skin…

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