Little Resistance – ‘Harukana Receive’ Episode 5 Review with Irina & Matt

Little Resistance – ‘Harukana Receive’ Episode 5 Review with Irina & Matt

This is mine and Irina’s (from I Drink And Watch Anime!) continuing collaboration on Harukana Receive! If you missed the previous reviews there are links at the bottom of the page, I am represented by the bold text.

Back again on the beach with Episode 5, and it looks like finally we’re going to have an actual, high(ish) stakes game of beach volleyball on our hands! I guess they decided NOT to take my advice after all. I mean that’s fine…whatever…it’s not like they have to just because I’ve been right about every single thing so far. Whatever…I don’t care….

Why do I get the feeling that you didn’t much care for this episode? What with all the slow-mo sports and CGI balls… i.e. everything about the series you have expressed a dislike for so far? To be honest I found it kind of boring.

Admittedly the slow-mo does make the matches seem longer–no small feat considering we have a whole episode and only finish 1 and a half sets of a single match! We did see the blonde girls play a little bit too.

I hear sand gets everywhere.

I really like Ai and Mai–especially Mai, she’s so adorable–especially when she’s getting all fired up against Haruka! But I’m glad their first proper match was against this duo, they even made me root for the new girls what with that little flashback to Ai convincing Mai to join the volleyball club and the heartbreaking defeat at the hands of dreaded “tall girls”! The episode was constructed in classic sports trope style. Remember when the main girl was insecure about her height in the first episode, maybe they could bring that back. Mind you it doesn’t make much sense anymore since she’s pretty average height now.

Well from that angle she looks like a Titan. Wouldn’t mind being swallowed by her…

Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like transitioning from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball would be pretty difficult? I would think so too. Sand gives a very different haptic feedback from floor. I’m not sure exactly how much wind comes into play since a volleyball is very heavy. I mean wind doesn’t have that big an impact in tennis and I would think it’s much easier to send a tennis ball off course.

I’m kind of falling for the ~vibe~ of this show, what with the Latin American inspired background music and the summery atmosphere and the almost laid back approach to a very fast sports, not to mention all those bikinis… it’s all very ‘chill’. Really – I find it very dramatic – I wish it was more chill to be honest.

Mai is silly, I like her.

I was surprised the episode ended where it did, I didn’t think this would be the kind of show to have single matches last beyond an episode, but I guess that’s pretty standard for sports anime, which this show looks like it’s finally become. Well this tournament has to last until the end of the season. I do hope we get a filler ep somewhere in there.

So I guess it’s safe to say there’s very little this show can do to redeem itself in your eyes? (I very much doubt it’s going to go full ‘yuri’ nor is it pushing your sports anime buttons, right?) I don’t know if the word redeem is right here. It’s fine. I think I agree with the general consensus from what I’ve read on other blogs and around the nets. You never know – there is still time develop the characters which could be interesting.

And there we have it, join us next week on Irina’s blog for episode 6!

They make a cute couple, err I mean pair… partners! Ah…

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6 thoughts on “Little Resistance – ‘Harukana Receive’ Episode 5 Review with Irina & Matt”

  1. Watching one sports anime (Hanebado!) is quite enough for me (at least for now), but I still might go ahead and check this one out anyway at some point. PS…that caption about the Titan was brilliant 😂😂

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      1. Maybe in September where I have somewhat more time on my hands I will at least give the pilot a go and see if this is something for me 😊 Lol, I’m glad you added it: it wasn’t rude at all, it was hilarious 😂😂

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