The World Will End With A Bang – ‘ISLAND’ Episode 6 Review

The World Will End With A Bang – An Anime QandA Review for ‘ISLAND’ Episode 6

What’s the show? ISLAND, Episode 6.

So what happens on the Island this episode? A lot, I mean… well some stuff happens, err, actually… now that I think of it not a lot happens at all…

Oh. So is that a bad thing? Well ordinarily it might be but considering the wealth of ~plot~ we got in the previous two episodes I’m actually kind of relieved for something of a lighter episode and that’s not to even say that there isn’t a substantial plot point revealed because guess what we finally get an answer to what’s in the mysterious shack in the ocean-side cave!

I’m sure that’ll be interesting to someone… So you say it’s a “lighter” episode. What do you mean by that exactly? Rinne and Setsuna go on a date together!

So cute!

Oh… that’s… wait, what’s the age gap between them? Man, you sound like my parole officer. But seriously, she’s 17 and he’s 20. It’s not like we’re dealing with anything so salacious as you (and many others out there) like to make out.

Matching heart-shaped glasses, must be Marilyn Manson fans…

Fine, whatever, I honestly don’t care. So how does the date go? Good! I mean, until they’re interrupted by Sara and Karen who are suddenly incredibly worried about the idea of Rinne and Setsuna ~consummating~ their newly burgeoning relationship. Because, since she’s from the present and he’s from the future any kind of ‘fun times’ they get up to could potentially result in a “space time shockwave” that will “destroy the world”. And you thought the worst thing you could get from pre-marital sex was a baby or an STD!

“The Ultra Touch” is like the best name for sex I’ve ever heard!

Right… so in other words they shouldn’t be together? But they’re so cute together! And Rinne seems like she’s finally happy in so long, as if I’m not going to ‘ship these two! I don’t care how many worlds have to get sunk in the process!

And what about the mysterious shack, what’s all that about? Well after returning to it and entering—Rinne’s memories of the place return and it’s not exactly pleasant. Turns out that’s where ‘original’ Setsuna used to live, allowed to stay there out of the ~kindness~ of Rinne’s parents. Rinne and original Setsuna are friends and hang out together—one afternoon a big storm encroaches the island and Rinne is left to seek shelter in the shack (and bed) of Setsuna. The next morning her frantic father finds her in bed with Setsuna and infers the worst, tossing the boy into the sea only to be himself engulfed in the morning sun and succumbing to Soot Blight Syndrome. Rinne dives into the ocean to try and save her friend but to no avail. She awakens in hospital both her best friend and her father gone forever.

Full of mystery.

Okay… so, is current day Setsuna the same Setsuna as the one Rinne knew and lost in the past. Dunno! And neither does she, but she’s not about to let a good thing pass her by, so she’s going to ‘love the one she’s with’ so to speak and decides to let the past be the past and focus on the future.

But what about those world-ending temporal paradoxes? Again, dunno. Guess we’ll find out eventually! But all-in-all I liked this episode, Rinne and Setsuna’s date activities were fun—especially the bowling. As was the frequent, almost running gags about people worrying if they had sex yet—including Rinne’s reclusive mother! Ultimately though, I’m finding myself less and less interested in the story as it seems to kind of be ambling at this point but am utterly besotted with the characters that even the briefest of interaction between them fills me with glee! Whether I’ll feel the same by the end of the season only time will tell!

When a note under the door is asking this much maybe it’s time to move out…

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

11 thoughts on “The World Will End With A Bang – ‘ISLAND’ Episode 6 Review”

    1. If you watched some episodes already but didn’t connect with the characters then probably not? I connect very quickly with characters (and did so here) so I was heavily invested in where it was going from the start. As much as they like to play up the mystery of the show, ultimately I think it’s gonna be more about character development and relationships—so if that’s your thing then you’ll probably find something to enjoy if not, then no.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Characters are definitely the most important part for me…
        But I’m not sure whether I can care about some of them after stuff like the accidental succ- but I only watched two episodes, so I’m not sure if I gave it a good enough chance. Thanks for the response though.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I have a fundamental disagreement with the concept of time travel that Sara talks about, but it’s not like either of us could prove that we’re right. I’m actually starting to believe that Setsuna isn’t even a time traveler, he’s just a dude who washed up on the shore. The show also seems to do too many zigzags, like Sara being all for Setsuna and Rinne getting together, but then NO IT’LL DESTROY THE UNIVERSE, but then oh they’re such a cute couple. Make up your mind already!

    I don’t know if it’s an anime-only thing, but I do think it’s kinda funny that anime moms are so supportive of their daughters doing it. Heck, generally supportive of sons doing it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that but of characterization was frustrating from Sara, the change of heart seemed to come out of nowhere.

      Also lol, I guess mothers aren’t as overprotective over that kind of things like fathers are. I see it as a good thing personally, teenagers should be allowed to make decisions like that for themselves and parents should support them. If parents don’t support them they’ll end up doing it anyway so where’s the harm?


      1. It’s certainly a cultural thing, and it’s way better than the awful sex-negative double standards here in North America. It’s probably something that goes along with Japan having far and away the lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world, although I couldn’t tell you which direction, if not both, that causality goes.

        Liked by 1 person

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