Sexually Liberated Elf – ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 6 Review

Sexually Liberated Elf – An Anime QandA Review of ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 6

What’s the show? How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord, Episode 6.

So how are things in this episode? *deep breath* I have a feeling a lot of people might stop watching this show after this one…

Oh really? That bad huh? Well personally I loved it, it was probably my favourite episode of the season thus far—but yeah I dare say if previous episodes were fan-service at level 7 or 8 then this one is pushing a 10. I mean on an abitrary scale designed to appeal to people who don’t watch a lot of ecchi, for me this is like a 6 in levels of extreme sexuality with Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid being at the top of that scale—but that’s a discussion for another day.

So the fan service is really extreme (by normal person standards)? Okay so here’s the thing, I think the earlier stuff in the Slave Trader’s tent is 100% justifiable under the context of the narrative—but at the same time I can totally understand people being ~turned off~ by such a scene.

Just a normal, wholesome scene in a normal, wholesome anime.

I’m almost afraid to ask but what happens in this scene? Well Diablo, Shera and Rem visit a traveling Slave Market as they’re under the impression she’ll have the know how to remove the magical slave collars that Rem and Shera have been sporting since the first episode. Medios, the slave trader does indeed have that knowledge and the ceremony begins—basically the ceremony entails Diablo having to visualize Shera’s magical flow and grab hold of it. Which means a lot of groping of Shera’s scantily clad body til she’s basically orgasming from his touch.

She really enjoys herself.

Hmm, I see. I look forward to you finding a justification for such a scene as being anything other than shameless pandering. Here I go! So historically speaking slavery and likewise the subjugation of women by men has always in some way led to a denial of very many things. So with the liberation of women both symbolically and literally in society as well as the burgeoning feminist movement, one of the many things gained was sexual independence and what’s a more liberated expression of such freedom than the female orgasm! Therefore, I posit that having Shera achieve a magic-induced orgasm to assist unlocking the literal slave collar around her neck not only makes sense but is in-line with feminist ideals.

His magic. Nothing else, I assure you.

Wow. I mean I’ve seen some grasping at straws and then there’s that. Kudos for trying though, how about you just be honest and admit that you just really like this show and stop making such leaps in logic to justify your adulation. Fine, I admit it this show just pushes all my right buttons, but you gotta admit that was a pretty good attempt at making a case for the fan service in this episode?

You have a rare gift—one that I hope never to receive. So back to the episode proper does the “ritual” work in getting off Shera’s collar? Well she certainly gets off—heh heh heh—but no, as it turns out the magical lines binding the collar to her are like thousands of strands of twine and undoing them all is not only difficult but will probably take multiple and more concerted attempts—so expect more scenes like this in future episodes I guess is what the show is saying!

She can do it!

Right, and the rest of the episode? Things get surprisingly touching (no pun intended) as Shera has a deep and meaningful moonlight conversation with Rem about the kind of life she wants to live—she wants to open a cafe and not only that she wants Rem and Diablo to work with her because she sees them all as more than just friends, their her family now. And it’s so wholesome and sweet I honestly got a little misty eyed!

Man, I want this as a spin-off show please and thank you.

Wait, wasn’t there something about a war breaking out because Shera didn’t want to go back to the Elven kingdom but her brother wanted her back? Oh yeah, that. Her brother shows up at the inn they are staying at and he’s ~suspiciously~ charming and nice about it, saying that if by morning Shera still doesn’t want to come home she’ll respect her decision and back off.

Sounds too good to be true. Of course it is, we wouldn’t have any drama if it was. The episode ends with brother dearest giving a monologue atop a tree exclaiming how much he wants to impregnate his sister accompanied by his best evil laugh.

He’s crazy.

Oh, incest, wonderful. Well what do you expect from royalty—and elves—and anime.

Fair point. So I take it you really enjoyed this episode? Yes, as I said before it’s probably my favourite one thus far—honestly I’m at a loss for words at how well this show can go from sleazy and salacious to wholesome and heartwarming, while still retaining a sense of humour, a commitment to world-building and all-round excellent characters. I don’t deny the fan service here will be so high that a lot of people will tap out but for me this exactly the show I wanted!

As if I wasn’t going to include this picture.

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8 thoughts on “Sexually Liberated Elf – ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 6 Review”

  1. Yeah, this was one to turn down the speakers a bit on. I like that everyone’s still suspicious of Prince “Charming”, but it’ll hopefully be interesting what happens next time. I always hate absolutes in anime, because they’re usually just setups for turnarounds. And I’m also wondering if maybe Alicia is a fake, or if it’s just a good bit of characterization and verisimilitude with her talking about how you have to lie constantly to be a virtuous knight.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am in awe of your rationalizing gymnastics. 😸 It’s to this show’s credit that it can keep both the lovers and haters of fanservice alike watching.

    Liked by 1 person

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