The Bitter Kiss – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 5 Review

The Bitter Kiss – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Happy Sugar Life, Episode 5.

So how are things in this twisted corner of the anime world this week? Great! Well not so much for our characters—in fact everyone is doing it tough in this episode.

Well let’s start with our protagonist? What’s causing her grief? Well Satō senses something is wrong with Shio because she’s not acting like her cute bubbly-self—it’s subtle but she knows somethings wrong. Meanwhile at work, her female co-worker admits to being infatuated with her—like to a terrifying degree (sniffing her clothes, buying the same underwear and socks—the usual stalker shtick).

If someone looks at you with this face, run fast run far.

Yikes! So what does she do to get her to back off? She doesn’t kill her, does she? That was my initial expectation but no she does something unexpected—and unexpectedly brilliant too. She kisses her, and not just a peck but full on tongue kiss—followed up with a confession of love of her own. And in doing so she’s not only disarmed her potentially dangerous stalker but has her completely under her thumb. Satō doesn’t really love her of course, she’s just playing her and it’s such a brilliant play too. It’s terrifying how smart Satō is but it seems that Satō’s dearly deceased aunt deserves some of the praise/blame as it’s her words echoing in her mind. Every part of this girl is a weapon under the right circumstances.

It’d be romantic if it wasn’t so messed up!

And what’s wrong with Shio? Well as it turns out Shio feels bad for lying about not talking to anyone when she ‘escaped’ last episode and she’s worried that God is “punishing” her for lying. But Satō doesn’t have any comforting words for the love of her life because she too is wracked with guilt over the actions that have led to here—not the murders and threats mind you—but having falsely confessed her love to someone else. She admits this much to Shio, expecting the worse, but of course Satō forgives her—she is her better family after all.

Good advice from a crazy person.

So another Happy Sugar Life? For the moment, though Mitsuboshi—our Shio obsessed guy with her wanted posters all over his walls is ~plotting~ to get Shio back off of Satō and is spreading his dissent to others—albeit poorly, but he’s sowing the seeds all the same. In any given episode it feels like Satō’s “Happy Sugar Life” could crumble at a moments notice and it’s that kind of underlying tension that pervades the series and makes even the sweetest moments reek with acrid apprehension—and that’s absolutely a compliment. I can’t state enough how much I enjoy this show in every facet.

Speaking of a crazy person… oh wait, everyone in this show is crazy.

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