The Art Of Butt Groping – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 6 Review

The Art of Butt Groping – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 6

What’s the show? Chio’s School Road, Episode 6.

So what happens on Chio’s road this week? A lot of butt groping…

Oh no, is she okay? Oh it’s not just Chio, practically everyone’s getting the rear end unwarrantedly massaged, but she’s not just a victim she’s also a perpetrator!

Oh dear… should I even ask at this point? Well I’m going to tell you regardless so no point objecting. So our girl obsessed (let’s just call her what she is—very gay) Kabbadi club captain Madoka has been missing from school for a whole week now. That’s when Chio and Manana stumble across her training in the park—where she’s evidently been living for the past week trading under a wise master in the ways of Kabbadi. Except it’s not a wise master it’s just a weird homeless guy. Chio “convinces” Manana to approach Madoka and try to get her to return home but the mere sight of a nubile high school girl sends the captain into a frenzy—a butt groping frenzy!

She’s probably going to go to jail by the end of the series.

Please don’t ever use the word “nubile” again… but wait, isn’t this touching again upon that predatory lesbian trope you mentioned during episode 3? And isn’t that a bad thing? A bad thing for representation but a good thing for comedy!

That’s a terrible attitude! Maybe, but I get the feeling that Madoka isn’t the only gay character in this series. Yuki, the sporty girl who seems to be on the receiving end of Madoka’s advances more often than not expresses that she enjoyed having her butt groped.

Yuki’s totally into it.

I don’t think that’s helping matters… well whatever! I’m not some kind of expert on this thing, it was funny and I laughed. What wasn’t funny was that the homeless guy became homeless after being locked up in jail and losing everything because years ago he molested a girl on a train. Kinda surprised how nonchalantly the show dealt with that whole thing—but I guess he is homeless now so in a very Japanese way that’s a sort of karmic justice and apparently that’s enough?

Well when you put it like that.

*shrugs* this kind of derailed—guess that’s what happen when an anime brings up butt groping in the midst of a pervert like you. Harsh but fair.

And what about the other segment? It’s a funny segment about Chio’s “game brain” making her commute needlessly complicated after playing a Western action-stealth video game all night. See, she decides to play a prank on Manana but ends up in a precarious situation dangling over a rushing canal and that’s when Chio and Manana’s friendship is truly tested!

With friends like these… etc.

What happens?! Well Manana, being the “good friend” and absolute troll that she is takes some photos rather than saving her, relishing the moment—and so Chio gets revenge of sorts by grabbing her foot and wedging her under the hand railing! It’s a classic case of escalating madness until the both of them have to be rescued by a passerby.

It’s not what it looks like! Or maybe it is?

So it’s a good episode then? Yeah, not the best not the worst but still wholly entertaining—at this point though, even though this is strictly a gag anime (maybe) I do hope we get some more character development as I really do like all these characters, but even if we don’t I’m still very happy with this show!

Right in the perineum!

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Author: Cactus Matt

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9 thoughts on “The Art Of Butt Groping – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 6 Review”

  1. I don’t really know that I’d consider it “problematic” when characters that have proven themselves to be not good people engage in behavior that is not good. I mean, the only character that’s appeared in Chio’s School Road that could have any claim to ethical or moral superiority is Hosokawa. Everyone else is pretty awful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s more problematic in that the representation of the sole “gay” character is also a massive pervert/touches people without their permission. But that’s a good point about everyone being awful—kinda reminds me of Seinfeld—probably why I love this show so much!


      1. Heh, I tend to dislike shows where the whole cast is awful people being awful (Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office), and there are certainly times where I’m not enthused about watching Chio’s School Road.

        Liked by 1 person

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