Currying Favour – ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’ Episode 6 Review

Currying Favour – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Dropkick On My Devil’ Episode 6

What’s the show? Dropkick On My Devil!, Episode 6.

So what happens this episode? Oh how far we’ve come from the first episode, from such humble beginnings!

What do you mean by that exactly? What started as a rather one-note series that basically revolved around the ‘gimmick’ of Yurine “killing” Jashin-Chan over and over in violent and ridiculous fashions with a bit of meta-humour sprinkled on top has evolved into a series with character development and an over-arching plot! I mean compared to the first episode where Jashin-Chan was killed 4 times (I think) in episode 6 she’s only killed once and it even happens off-screen! How far we’ve come!

I’ll have to try it next time…

I see… so does it even feel like the same show at this point? It feels like a better show. It’s somehow become a better show than the very thematically similar (but much more boring) Gabriel DropOut and I do make mention of that deliberately because the parallels keep adding up.

Oh yeah? Like what? Early on in these reviews I expressed a wish for this show to do some world-building in order to keep things interesting, just like Gabriel DropOut did. And while that show did so perhaps too late in its run to ~truly~ make an impact here we’re half way through and we’re already introducing a heaven-based rival for our poor homeless Angel Pekola in the form of Poporon who—previously Pekola’s apprentice—has been made full-fledged angel and has come to Earth to kill Pekola in order to retain job security.

If this show is anything to go by apparently all blondes are evil… hard to disagree, tbh.

Not very ‘angelic’ of her. Indeed, and what’s more unexpected is who comes to her rescue, Jashin-Chan, fresh from a curry cooking session and unintentional time-travelling trip to 7000 years ago (don’t ask) has come bearing food for Pekola only for Poporon to “throw it on the ground”. Suffice to say this was a bad move for Poporon, who gets her ass promptly handed to her as Jashin-Chan throws her width-ways across Japan and off a cliff into the ocean.

I don’t know why but I laughed a lot at this.

Still seems like violence is the route of the comedy here. Maybe, but having an (arguably) more despicable villain than Jashin-Chan on the receiving end of the violence changes things up enough. But that’s not even the whole episode.

Yeah, you mentioned something about her time-travelling to 7000 years ago or something? Uh, I said “don’t ask”. It’s complicated, Jashin-Chan is making curry for Yurine and ends up intentionally summoning herself to the outskirts of hell and meets up with a younger version of herself, Minos and Medusa and they mention something about Earth being completely flooded and so I guess Jashin-Chan and the other ‘demons’ are all 7000+ years old?! But they send her back to present day Tokyo and she sets up a shaved ice stall to rival the ice-women sisters, and then Jashin-Chan climbs Mt Fuji to get superior quality shaved ice and my god… I didn’t think a show like this would ever get so convoluted but…

Is that f**king mayonnaise on shaved ice? Curry I can get, but shaved ice?!

But? I kinda love how stupid and messy and freewheeling this show has become. If there’s one thing I’ll say definitively about what this show has become in recent episodes is that’s no longer one-note or predictable. Also, there’s at least 3 references to Amazon and Amazon Prime in this episode and I wonder if that has anything to do with this series streaming exclusively on Prime Video or if that’s just a coincidence… I’m guessing intentional since they didn’t even try and change it to sound like a soundalike service with a similar sounding name but whatever, as long as it keeps us getting strange and interesting shows like this I’ll deal with a little product placement in my anime!


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