There’s A 17 Year Old Girl In All Of Us – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 6 Review

There’s A 17 Year Old Girl In All Of Us – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 6

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 6.

So what’s this episode about? Believe it or not, it’s actually about music this time! And genuinely this was not only a really fun episode but it had some actually insightful stuff to say—which is always a bonus! It’s always the way though—the most underrated and under-appreciated show of the season saying the most interesting and progressive things, but ah well, guess that’s the point of reviews like this to raise awareness of interesting things being said in oft-seen shows!

Right, well we can get to that in a bit, first give us a little info on what actually happens in the episode? Sure, so the Music Girls are excited for the imminent release of their new song, which has been written and composed by a legendary songwriter who’s been making pop music since the 1980’s. Only when they get to the studio their manager has some ‘bad news’—the composer wasn’t happy with the interpretation of his lyrics and has refused to let them use his song therefore cancelling the release!


Oh no! So Hanako and the fried chicken-obsessed Miku go to the house of the composer to try and convince them to use the song only to find out there’s more going on with this guy than they thought and he’s not the super difficult artist-type that everyone made him out to be but rather a man struggling with inadequacy in his career. Turns out he wasn’t upset with their interpretation of the song he was unhappy with the song he’d written from the start because the “17 year-old girl inside him has died”.

I assume you mean metaphorically otherwise I’m obliged to call the police…

Excuse me?! I admit it’s worded ~oddly~ but the sentiment is very relatable and nicely progressive. He speaks about a love for music and the emotions put into songs that transcend age, status and even gender—the universality of music and that no matter who we are we should be able to relate to anyone. Some people might think of it as a slightly ‘hippy’ way of thinking but at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that we shouldn’t let things like gender and age define what we like and what we feel. A lot of problems in today’s world could be solved with a little less over-thinking and a lot more over-empathising.

The irlwaifu actually applauded when she heard/read this, and yep, agree agree!

Right… that’s all well and good but is the episode in any good? Yep! It’s probably my favourite one since the second episode. It told a full story, it had some laughs, it had some feels and it made me really hungry for some karaage (Japanese fried-chicken). Also, seeing a 60+ year-old-man enthusiastically dancing along with an idol as some J-pop played behind them gave me hope that I was looking into some anime-version of my own future.

So Shupe’s just basically naked in every episode now and I’m totally okay with that!

And any complaints? If I had to say something—and it’s not really a complaint as it still was entertaining, but when Hanako was rattling off all the types of people the other girls “have inside them” (metaphorically) I wondered if maybe there was a better way to word it or if the translator was just having a joke with it all. A funny joke admittedly—there were some delightfully inappropriate sounding ones like “Miku has a grade-school boy inside her”. That said, great episode—kinda sad this show is ranked so low on MAL but I should learn to stop putting so much stock in that stupid website…

*spit take*

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