Public Enema Number One – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 7 Review

Public Enema Number One – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Chio’s School Road, Episode 7.

What’s… it… about… I see you’ve noticed what I’ve titled the episode, pretty clever, eh?

I’m terrified, honestly terrified about what you’re about to unleash upon me. You think girls groping each other’s breasts without consent is full-on, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Chio and Manana are on their way to school when they’re challenged to a dual by a pint-sized private school girl—they ignore her, too wrapped up in their own activities so the private school girl gets their attention by shoving two fingers up Manana’s butt (through clothes of course).


…what? And then the girls proceed to have an epic “ass-off” (it’s like a ‘face-off’ just with, well you know) attempting to finger each other’s asses and—

—stop! Are you sure you didn’t ‘accidentally’ watch a hentai? It sounds more rude than it actually is, well… actually… no it is exactly as rude as it sounds it’s just not in anyway explicit it’s school yard shenanigans elevated to their insane zenith. And even that it’s not even that out of the ordinary. I remember a spate of “ass-pokings” that swept through my high school for a short period of time until teachers and even the principal intervened.

I mean when I think of ass-off I’m thinking more like the movie Face/Off but switching butts…

Can’t argue with the facts I suppose… so uh, is this a good thing? I mean what’s happening in the episode? Are you asking me if I enjoyed high school girls trying to stick their fingers up each other’s asses in a competitive sport like series of escalating shenanigans? Is water wet? Of course I enjoyed it, for one thing it’s absurdly hilarious regardless (or maybe because of) how inappropriate not only their actions are but their comments interspersed between—like for some reason they keep referring to the butt poking as “enemas” and I guess these girls don’t know what enemas are—which only adds to the hilarity. I could have absolutely filled this review with screencapped quotes but this is only the second-half of the episode, the first half is just as funny—though in a completely different way to the second half.

“Is this an incident?”

Okay, hoping for something a bit more wholesome, what’s the first half of the episode about? Chio’s at the convenience store looking for her favourite Western video game magazine only to find its usual presence has been replaced with a BL (Boys Love) game magazine instead—and what transpires is both hilarious and illuminating.

Chio on JRPG’s.


I’m cautious, but proceed… So after a mini-rant about how Japanese games are terrible and Western games are better (incorrect), Chio decides to peruse the magazine, expecting a cavalcade of girly-looking soft boys like she’s used to from the JRPG’s she derides so much but instead finds an eclectic assortment of buff and muscular men of many different ethnicities and age brackets—something she’s apparently very into after playing so many Western shooters where the protagonists are usually gruff and surly old dudes with tortured back stories. She decides some more “research” is in order and decides to purchase the magazine.

Her reaction to these pages is priceless.

So the girl has gotten a taste for the 18+ fare that Japan seems so fond of. Something like that, but there’s still one obstacle standing in the way of her BL paradise, the convenience store clerk who is none other than ex-biker tough guy Andou. At first she decides it’ll be easier to just put the magazine back and leave but in a delightfully Japanese way of thinking then realises she’s accidentally folded one of the pages back and can’t so feels responsible for purchasing it. The next five or so minutes involve Chio trying everything she can think of to hide the fact she’s buying a BL game magazine from Andou.

😉 “research”

And does she get away with it? Of course not, nothing gets past Andou, but he’s surprisingly cool with it—going as far as to allay her concerns and tell her not to be ashamed of being whatever she happens to be “into”—he even double bags it for her privacy. (Also I’d like to add that I had a similar experience buying Dojin in Japan, they put it in a paper bag then into a normal plastic bag. It was considerate but I also felt it was indirectly drawing attention to it as anyone in the know would know ~exactly~ what kind of stuff was in the double-bagged package—but I digress.)

The more Andou shows up the more I like him.

Uh-huh, so given that this was a double dose of perverted comedy shenanigans I take it you loved the episode? You know me so well! This was probably my favourite episode of the series so far, even if the butt poking stuff seemed a lot more absurd than the more realistic and relatable struggle of buying an erotic magazine. Obviously this kind of comedy won’t be for everyone but it’s kind of exactly my taste in comedy, which is probably to say tasteless but hey, at least it’s got it’s heart in the right place… in the butt.

Not sure why they pixelated her flipping the bird, I get the feeling this is Cruncyroll’s doing since they did the same in Pop Team Epic.

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6 thoughts on “Public Enema Number One – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 7 Review”

    1. Yeah I had a feeling it might be something silly kids in Japan got up to, especially when Manana mentioned that “Chio used to do this to me”. Even if it is a real cultural thing the fact that it got so over OTT definitely added to the hilarious absurdity of it all.


  1. I feel like Chio’s sruggling to capture that same level of comedy here in the middle stages. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it or something, but now laughs that used be consistent through an entire episode have dwindled to maybe a few lol’s and a chuckle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Comedy is a tricky thing to keep consistent especially when you’re dealing with comedy that comes from random and sometimes disparate elements. I agree that I’m no longer proclaiming this as one of the funniest anime of all time, but I’m still enjoying it a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think cells at work has been a little more consistent in its delivery thus far this season. Maybe not more comical overall, but definitely more consistent.

        Liked by 1 person

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