Unjust Desserts – ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 7 Review

Unjust Desserts – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Seven Senses of the Re’Union, Episode 7.

So how is this week’s episode? Man… sometimes writing a review comes easy and sometimes it’s like squeezing blood from a stone—and I tell you this one was a hard one and not for any particular reason either, it’s not a bad episode, it’s actually pretty good—but it’s also kind of just there. While there is some forward plot momentum and a ~little~ bit of character development it’s also clear we’re stretching things out a little—at least in my opinion.

At first I thought it was a beach episode, but the scene lasted like 30 seconds… #feelsbadman

Well what does happen then, maybe start from there and you might organically find something to talk about? Okay, so Haruto, Satsuki and Asahi decide to look for treasure—a place ‘imaginatively’ titled “The Lost Pentagon”—(this anime’s take on the Bermuda Triangle I guess) where they hope to find a rare treasure but it’s not so simple as many players have lost their lives trying to claim it! They charter a ship from a busty pirate woman named Alwida and dive to the bottom of the ocean where Haruto (eventually) finds the treasure—and it’s a sword—but not just any sword it’s his main sword from back when they all played ‘Union’ but collecting it won’t be easy as it’s embedded in the back of a giant sea dragon called Aegir. Things are looking dire for the crew until Clive—their friend and colleague from Subaru back in the day shows up!

Hey look, it’s this guy…

Well that seems like a decent amount of story then— That’s only like half the episode…

Oh, I see… what else happens then? Well we get a sizeable scene in the ‘real world’ which I absolutely appreciated—not only did it have a bit of comic relief but also made Takanori a little bit more relatable—as we find out he’s been looking for the other members of Subaru too. And yes, Nozomi has been located—she’s returned to their hometown. But there’s no time for a reunion (pun intended) yet, as we have to pop back into the game to have ~another~ attempt at retrieving Haruto’s epic sword—this time with Clive properly helping them out by lending them his powers that allow the heroes to fight more efficiently underwater. After a genuinely interesting battle they defeat the sea dragon and Haruto retrieves his sword only to be stabbed in the back—literally—by Clive!

Game over?

That traitor! Indeed and that’s where the episode ends, on a pretty impressive cliffhanger. I mean this is some high-stakes stuff here, if Haruto dies in the game presumably he’ll never be able to return to Re’Union and not be able to help Asahi any more. And while I personally don’t think the show is that brave to do something like that this early (I mean episode 7 is hardly early, but it would be a pretty big deal if Haruto couldn’t log back in), it does make for a riveting place to end an episode.

I’d plunder her booty any day!

Anything else you wanted to add? I’ve said it before but irl Satsuki is the best—her ordering four desserts when they’re out at lunch at Takanori’s father’s hotel was an unexpected highlight. But more than that this show continues to just be a really good and entertaining experience. There’s the promise of something deeper and darker and more nefarious what with the whole “maybe Asahi’s body is still alive in the real world” idea that Takanori briefly brings up but it still seems like that’s a little ways off from being fully explored. I can absolutely understand people being impatient with this series as it’s more or less only got one major reveal and it’s going to take all season to get there, but I think Asahi and Satsuki as characters—not to mention the consistently excellent visuals—more than make up for any deficiencies in plot and pacing.

Don’t get between a girl and her desserts!

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