Getting It Off Your Chest – ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 7 Review

Getting It Off Your Chest – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Asobi Asobase, Episode 7.

So what insanity do the girls get up to this episode? Oh you know, standard stuff training a stag beetle to help them break into the student council room, Hanako reads Kasumi’s BL novel and is weirded out—but not for reasons you might think and Kasumi has trouble with her large bust size in relation to home economics class.

Oh well that sounds comparatively normal—wait what was that about a stag beetle being trained to break into a student council room?! Surprisingly, while it was the most outlandish thing about the episode it was also the least funny. Not that it was completely un-funny but this show always is best when it’s at least grounded in something resembling reality and the heist of ‘The Banana Papers’ felt like this show was trying to inject a ~plot~ into a show that really has no need for one.

A Persona 5 reference? In my Asobi Asobase?!

‘The Banana Papers’? What’s that about? I think that’s like a pun on the Panama Papers (the manga was out at roughly the same time that was in the news so it seems like a reference to that). But basically it’s a scrapbook of every dark secret about pretty much everyone at their school—faculty included.

Sounds like a powerful thing for someone to have? What do the girls do with it? Well because they’re stupid (and again I mean that in the nicest possible way) they just leave it for Tsugumi to collect as she wanted it because it something particularly incriminating about her in it which we’re left to infer is about her gender (since she was the girl at the centre of the “transgender” rumour a couple of episodes ago. It’s probably not that then again this show is pretty difficult to predict at the best of times!

Swol stag.

Right. And the other two segments, evidently you liked them better than this one? Yes, a lot more. Getting more of a look into Kasumi’s mind via the porn she writes is as insightful as it is… unusual, but hey, I’m not one to kink shame!

Oh? What’s her kink?! …Someone’s surprisingly keen to learn a middle-school girl’s fetish! Have we suddenly reversed roles here or something?

Me, when I unintentionally see lewd Platelet art.

Hey… wait. Did you just roast yourself? I’m self aware enough to know a good joke when I see one. But sure, you want to know, I mean it’s only a ‘taste’ but it seems like Kasumi is into extra sticky duck-tape on the tongue.

Huh? Did you run that through a Google translate one too many times? Hey, I’m just relaying what Hanako saw when she read the manuscript on Kasumi’s laptop. Doesn’t have to make sense—and that’s probably the point entirely! Or could be, as we learned in episode 5, that these girls are so clueless about sexuality that Kasumi ~actually~ thinks this is something sexual. Or maybe I’m so out of the loop that I don’t even know what’s a kink anymore? Regardless, the reactions are priceless when Kasumi confronts Hanako on the matter—wanting some honest feedback on her work.

Everyone’s a critic!

And the last segment? It’s all about boobs, having big ones and how that’s a problem for Kasumi—and as twitter (and the irlwaifu) have told me, this is a very accurate to real life segment, the eternal struggle for busty girls finding a shirt with a picture on it that they like, only for the image to become distorted when it goes over the breasts.

It’s still… kinda cute?

And that’s all the segment is about? Well no, that’s like 5% of it, it’s more about Kasumi’s having made a button-up blouse for home-economics class and it not fitting because of her bust and so the others “help” to fix it—with expectedly disastrous results!

Alterations? What alterations? Just looks like a normal blouse to me!

So good episode overall then? Yeah, as to be expected—it was a shame that Madea didn’t show up (except in a flash-back to last episode) but I guess it’s good not to overuse him lest he gets stale. Also, it’ll be interesting to see wether ‘The Banana Papers’ gets brought up again and in what context—because I get the feeling it won’t be the last we see of it!

What a flawless poker face.

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